What Happened In Salem: Week of February 4th

Jennifer turned the tables on Chloe in a way that’s bound to blow up in her face, and then there was all this:

Sami and EJ insisted to Will that it’s time to go through that teenage rite of passage: asking one’s babymama for a paternity test. Will was reluctant but ultimately was convinced by his mother’s lengthy and impressive résumé in the field of paternity tests/switches/lies. Will proposed the idea to Gabi and Nick, who bristled. Determined to keep the gay father of his pregnant fiancée’s baby in line (I mean, who isn’t?), Nick went to the same guy who sold the Salem PD that Miracle Surveillance Brooch and purchased a recording pen, transmitter, and prepaid cell phone. He planted the pen on Will and used the phone to send Lucas an anonymous text stating, “I know your son shot EJ DiMera.” Lucas panicked and summoned Will to a random office that he rents in case the need arises for a private chat about dangerous secrets.

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened In Salem last week!

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6 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of February 4th”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I am loving the whole Nick 007 routine. It seems very old-school Days in some way…

    But, of course, I HATE NICK (like I’m supposed to) and eagerly await his comeuppance. My level of distaste for Nick is in direct relationship to how very good Blake Berris’ performances have been.

    BTDubs, Miracle Surveillance Brooch is SO my new band name, natch.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I like Nick… in the sense that I hate him and think he’s insane. Which I think is exactly what Berris and the writing are trying to convey. As they get more into this prison backstory, I think we’ll understand the ‘why’ of it a lot more, which will keep him from being a standard-issue dastardly villain.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    I like that Nick livened up these college kids. All they ever did was sit around and drink coffee before Nick entered the scene.

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