What Happened In Salem: Week of Jan. 28th

Chloe wasn’t the only one with a hare-brained scheme…

Nicole Walker, the brilliant strategist behind such plans as “I’m going to dress up as a nurse and put flesh-eating bacteria on my romantic rival’s face” and “I’m going to walk around with a pillow in my stomach for six months and hope my husband doesn’t notice,” decided to help her good friend Brady by liberating him from his relationship with Kristen. To that end, she stole some top-secret corporate files off his laptop (which he leaves sitting open in a living room that sees more traffic than the Brady Pub) and planted them on Kristen’s computer for Brady to find. Brady did find the files, but Kristen quickly talked her way out of it, and Brady ascertained that there was only one person stupid enough to have tried such a scheme. “Sami!” he bellowed, but when he realized she was busy in another storyline, he knew Nicole must be behind it. Kristen wound up with Brady still on her side, and Father Eric warned Nicole that she might be facing legal repercussions for her actions. Seeing as how she got away with murdering two different men, she probably shouldn’t be that concerned.

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2 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of Jan. 28th”

  1. Dan Says:

    Regarding Salem stupidity, Blake Berris recently did an interview, I think with Soaps.com, where he quoted a producer / director who said, “We haven’t had many smart people on this show.” I assume the staffer was referring to smart like Nick, but with this show…

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