The Glass is Half-Full… of Estrogen

Plus side: the women of Salem are getting some great, meaty material.

Tuesday’s episode in particular featured some pretty fantastic woman-versus-woman showdowns. Kristen and Nicole are pure gold, throwing each other’s past misdeeds back and forth like grenades.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.44.21 AM

Less golden (aside from the unnatural tone of Chloe’s skin):

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.36.21 AM Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.43.22 AM

I mean, whatever. Stop talking about Daniel for 15 minutes, both of you. No 1 curr.

And then we had this surprising confrontation between this pair of sisters mother and daughter:

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.38.39 AM

Billie has been so underutilized during this return, and that has never been more evident than in those scenes of her tearfully telling Kate that she can’t keep working with her if she’s going to be so hell-bent on revenge, because it’s taken Billie all these years to learn that the healthiest thing for her is to let go. The conflict made perfect sense: Kate has gotten to where she is because she’s been a fighter, but she’s also messed up her kids’ lives in serious ways with her dirty tactics. If Lisa Rinna has to go, this “come to Jesus” twist with her and Kate is a great way to do it.

Which brings us to…

Down side: These women are being paired up in terrific scenes and stories because there are no damn men.

For over-40 women, we currently have Maggie, Marlena, Kate, Hope, Jennifer, Billie, Kristen, Kayla, and Adrienne. For men, we have… Victor (bonus points for his use of the term “brazen hussy,” btw) and Daniel. John has left town. Roman and Justin are practically invisible. Bo is literally invisible. Stefano has been locked in a poorly decorated room in Germany for six months. Jack is dead, and Steve took his offscreen deadbeat story from two years ago. I forgot Abe existed until I was editing this post. This is a sad state of affairs. Can I get a Mike Horton or a Bill Horton or a Peter Blake or someone with a penis up in here? At this rate, they’re going to be renaming it the DeGeneres Town Square.

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4 Comments on “The Glass is Half-Full… of Estrogen”

  1. Dan Says:

    The Kate / Billie scenes were wonderful. I LOVED Billie saying she needed to leave Salem because of how she needs to take care of herself. I thought those scenes captured Billie’s entire run (from Rinna to Allen to Rinna to Pinson to Rinna) so well. It made me miss Billie and set her up for a potential return.

    I love having Chloe back in Salem. Nadia is no master thespian, but she brings so much to Salem. With Chloe around, I feel like things are right with the world. I love her and Nicole schemeing together. I wonder if they will get to reform their “We Hate Sami” Club once Sami goes after Nicole for her attraction to Eric, which is bound to develop at some point.

    In regards to men, yeah DAYS needs more balance, but I do think you’re being a little generous with some of those women. Hope and Kayla are about as presnet as Roman and Justin. Kurth has had some wonderful scenes with the younger male set (Diedrich, Smith, and Berris).

    I would love Bill, Mike, and Peter back in Salem. When Carly was still around, I wanted Bill and Mike to return to University Hospital. Bill would be in a position to chose Mike or Daniel for a lucrative position and would be pushed to choose Daniel in fear of neopotism, but it would only unearth Mike’s unresolved feelings about having Bill, not Mickey, as his father. I also desperately wanted Matt Ashford to return in 2011 as a post-op Peter Blake pretending he was Jack hoping to reunite with Jennifer. Now, I want Peter to return to Salem and reveal he spent time in prison with Nick Fallon.

    I sort of wish they had given Hope’s role in the story to Roman given Marlena / Roman’s past. Has the show really ever tried Marlena with JT’s Roman? I remember him coming back and Marlena staying with him, but I don’t remember them really making an effort to pair them. Didn’t Marlena miscarry Roman’s baby around the same time Belle was pregnant with Claire and Carrie was NOT pregnant by Lucas (what a damn shame that was). I really would love to see Roman / Marlena just so the DH squared fans would lose their minds.

    end of rant.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I have a lot of thoughts in response, but first: I LOVE YOUR MATT ASHFORD IDEA. Why did they not do that?! That would have been so brilliant and exciting. They could even do it now — Jack turns up alive, we see hints that he and Kristen are becoming friendly, he’s acting weird in private moments, and it slowly comes out.

      I also love your idea about Bill and Mike. Those characters should be around Salem. They’d be vital, especially with the BIll they brought on in 2010 (he really should be older than that, but I’m fine with de-aging him a bit).

      I get your point about some of those females not being especially prominent, but it feels uneven because their corresponding men are MIA. And more than that, Daniel is like the only active male between 40 and 70! The balance is so off.

      Marlena did lose Roman’s baby in 2006, right before the Alex North disaster. I’ve never seen any chemistry between her and JT’s Roman. I believe they’ve tried pairing them (mostly during both of JER’s runs) and it never ignited in any way. Honestly, I would rather them try her with Bill Horton if they want an alternative to John. Marlena has never been wound in with the Hortons, and it could be very interesting.

  2. Joanna Says:

    I loved it when Nicole is recounting all of Kristen’s schemes and bad deeds and totally glosses over how Kristen, “stole Susan’s baby”. Like “Susan’s baby” isn’t totally EJ, which, uh, he is. EJ is Susan’s “Stefano-in-an-Elvis-jumpsuit” baby. I understand some major Soras-induced revisionist history has been visited on EJ’s backstory, but they can’t just drop the phrase “Susan’s baby” into a scene and expect us not to notice.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That reference point for Nicole was so weird, too. EJ is her primary link to that situation. It would be like Marlena yelling at Kate, “You had Kimberly Brady’s niece, Sami, sent to Death Row!”

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