What Happened In Salem: Week of Jan. 14th

While several lives were ruined at St. Luke’s (which pretty much happens every time people go to that church), the truth about Parker’s paternity was also causing trouble in Salem:

Kate — the woman whose family tree can never be full enough, no matter how many other women carry her embryos or how many stillborn swamp grandchildren turn up alive — was determined not to let Parker go. She vowed revenge on Chloe for… not having known the paternity results had been switched? Or something. Armed with information that is sure to blow up in her face, Kate revealed to Jennifer that Chloe had been a prostitute before leaving Salem. Jen was compassionate toward Chloe. However, Nicole overheard the conversation and ran to tell Chloe that Jen knew the truth and was probably telling Daniel right at that moment.

Read the rest to find out What Happened In Salem last week!

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