What Happened In Salem: Week of Dec. 17th

Jennifer and Daniel confessed their love, no one was excited, and some other stuff happened, too:

Gabi and Nick began their pre-cana sessions with Eric, who invited John and Marlena to join them as a couple with a successful marriage even though they are not technically married and have split up several times. Perhaps their guidance will be useful the first time Gabi develops hysterical amnesia or when a brain chip turns Nick into a cold, robotic criminal. Later, Nick rubbed Will the wrong way (you’d think Gabi would be the one doing that — zing!) by making a comment about how no one would ever guess “some gay boy” was the baby’s father.

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened In Salem last week!

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2 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of Dec. 17th”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    Nick has become intolerably ignorant, rude and subtlety bully-ing. Do.Not.LIKE totally unsympathetic character…

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