Reunited and It Feels So Blah

Chad: Welcome to this Unnamed Coffee House that I just recently remembered I co-own. Can I get you anything?

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 8.11.56 AM

Abigail: Yes, I would love a tepid, C-level storyline. Better than talking to my mom about Daniel anymore!

The amount of work put into slapping Chad and Abigail back into one another’s orbits was about equivalent to my level of interest in seeing them back together or, even worse, seeing them in a triangle with a recast Cameron. I don’t think I’ve been less interested in a triangle since… well, since the last time Sami, Rafe, and EJ were onscreen.

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12 Comments on “Reunited and It Feels So Blah”

  1. Stevie Says:

    You know, that was my first reaction too. But, now I think this has potential for another reason: if Abigail finds out about Gabi’s role in Melanie’s kidnapping, by extension, once she puts the pieces together, Abigail will also likely blame Gabi for the explosion. The explosion that, among other things, led to Jack (her father’s) death. Chad & Abigail could conceivably team up (whether it ends up being a romantic relationship or not) to try and get revenge on Gabi.

    The real cynic in me wonders if Chad is even interested in her personally at all; this could be completely tactical. Trying to line up Sonny and Abigail on his side.

  2. I believe the coffeehouse is called Common Grounds. Get it? Coffee and a safe place where gays and straights can mix? Yeah.

  3. Erin L. Says:

    But they were soooooo compelling the first time around… *snore*

  4. Joanna Says:

    I was so amused to see Chad in that apron, actually doing real work at the coffee shop he allegedly co-owns. Previously, he only came by occasionally to sign some paperwork or whatever. Even better is the snarling, sneering manner in which Chad serves the customers! What a hoot! To Sami: *twirls towel *gives stinkeye “Do you know what you want?” Ha HA! Maybe he should leave day-to-day operations to Sonny after all.

  5. Dan Says:

    I like Chad / Abby. There was plenty of angst when it looked like the show was actually going to put Jennifer on trial for the death of Nicole’s baby. Chad and Abby would have been torn between family loyalty. Hell, they really would have had some angst if E.J. decided to do Jennifer a solid and deflower her daughter in order to lure Abigail into the Dimera camp in response to Jennifer’s actions “killing” his child. Then Chad would really have a reason to go all bug eyed.

    Anyway, I assume Chad / Abby are together so Abby can flip out on Chad when Chad reveals that Will is the father of Gabi’s baby. It’s really hard to invest in Chad and Abby when you know Chad will be gone in June when Deidrick’s contract expires. It’s a shame this show refuses to recast outgoing actors.

    • mykleraus Says:

      My main objection to them is that the show refused to build a story between them last time, so now they’re carrying the weight of their past lame pairing. I like both actors and could like both characters a lot if they were utilized better. This just reeks of “Let’s slap these two together because what else are we gonna do with them?” I hope they bother to write a story this time.

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