What Happened In Salem: Week of December 3rd

Invisible Bo continued to chauffeur Ciara around Salem. Meanwhile…

Brady wandered around town in a sex haze, while everyone — from his grandfather to his AA sponsor — commented on how blissful he looked after getting laid. Kristen gloated to EJ that her plan was coming together perfectly. But Brady kept the identity of his new lover to himself, and Marlena couldn’t bring herself to tell John. She even went so far as to confess that she’d broken into Kristen’s room to throw him off the trail. Privately, Kristen was pissed that neither Marlena nor Brady had told John the truth and lamented, “Since when can anyone in this town keep a secret?” Don’t worry, Kristen. They’ll all be talking about it loudly to themselves in public places soon enough. Or just call up the doctor who told Nicole her baby was dead!

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2 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of December 3rd”

  1. So is Bo in the Brady Pub kitchen right now?

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