The Beast With Two Backs and an Oedipus Complex

It seems like some people’s reaction to Brady and Kristen getting it on is kind of like Kristen herself here:

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 9.54.04 PM

I mean, in the real world, that might be a perfectly reasonable response to waking up in bed next to the son of the man with whom you have long been obsessed, a son who was once a stepson to you even though everyone keeps saying it was fifteen years ago and he is like 35 right now, which means he was allegedly a grown-ass man back then, even though he was actually kindergarten-aged and basically invisible and didn’t even live with you, and in writing this, I’m not sure if I’ve made things better or worse.

(This is also screwy because EJ, the baby whom Kristen attempted to pass off as hers and John’s at the peak of that storyline, is roughly the same age as Brady now. Math. Salem. Stop.)

The point is, I’m really not icked out at all by “Bristen,” and in fact, Days could do with a little more screwed-up morally questionable antics and fewer cartoon plots. Plus, you can’t deny it was kind of hot how Brady basically mauled her.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 9.54.13 PM

Who wouldn’t want that? So I say: get it, girl. She was locked up in white slavery for some unspecified amount of time, so this is not a bad way to bounce back.

I really did not expect Brady to be so aggressive about it, but I love that he’s all into it and Kristen is acting like it was a huge mistake even though she’s grinning deviously to EJ about pieces falling perfectly into her lap. (I’m going to let that go without pointing out the innuendo… too late!)

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8 Comments on “The Beast With Two Backs and an Oedipus Complex”

  1. Stevie Says:

    I’ve noticed that with Brady, the writers can’t seem to choose an age group for him; he’s been with thirty-somethings (Nicole & Madison), twenty-somethings (Chloe, threatened to put him with Melanie), and forty-somethings (now Kristen, and briefly threatening to put him with Jennifer.) I could certainly be forgetting someone in there. And I used to think that was strange, but you raise a good point: if the writers can’t decide how old he’s supposed to be, why should we expect any consistency with the ages of who they pair him up with?

  2. Alana Says:

    Haha, I will fess up to being grossed out by the pairing, but I’m grossed out in a “can’t look away, OMG, is this real???” kind of way. And by real I mean not a Days dream but a Days faux reality. Anyway, I am as fascinated as I am disgusted and turned on. So that must be good writing? Brady is totally all over the place age wise and the inconsistent SORAs are enough to make you head swim. I am wondering if he is playing Kristen or if Kristen is playing him or if… there my head goes swimming again.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m pretty certain Kristen’s playing him and he’s currently being the gullible white knight. What I like about this is there’s a lot of room for movement. She can actually fall for him, John and Marlena can find out about the affair, Brady can find out she had ulterior motives…

  3. Dan Says:

    Kristen and Brady is the right kind of dirty. I don’t want them as endgame, but I would really like to see what happens when the rest of Salem learns about Kristen and Brady. Since this show is so baby crazy, I really hope we get a Bristen baby. Imagine the huffing and puffing DH-squared could accomplish during those scenes?

  4. kathyj Says:

    I’m looking forward to Victor ‘s reaction. Does he (Vic) have a history with Kristen? Brady seems to get all the family cast offs.

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