Baby on Bored

Nick is still looney tunes, right? That’s what I’m supposed to be getting from all this “I want to marry this girl I’ve been dating for six weeks and raise the child she conceived with my gay second cousin” business, isn’t it?

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 1.04.13 PM


Doesn’t it feel like Nick and Gabi’s entire romance has taken place in that bedroom? They have basically had 4538745 scenes in there, 10 scenes downstairs in the Pub, one visit to the mall, and a casual day at the abortion clinic.

I sort of like this baby plot for all the repercussions it could contain, but I’m booooored right now. Someone wake me up when people start referring to Marlena and Kate as great-grandmothers.

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10 Comments on “Baby on Bored”

  1. Stevie Says:

    Haha! I love how Nick & Gabi seemed to have a quickie every time they got a 15-minute break from work. “Hey, the pay might not be anything special, but our break room does double as a love nest, so that’s a perk. Welcome aboard!”

  2. Alana Says:

    LOL, totally. The Salem instant love connection. Surely this baby isn’t going to be born thought, right? It’s genealogy is too amazing. And the irony of Nick trying to convince Will to lie about the paternity of his child was a little too much for me. I mean, COME on. History repeating much?

    Anyway, don’t we all really just want to talk about Brady and Kristen and the step-Oedipus crazy back biting sex scene.

    • Joanna Says:

      Bristen is a filthy, filthy mess, and I love ‘my story’ for going there. Makes no sense! Feels so wrong! An early Christmas prezzie from Days to all of us.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yes. Yes we do.

      But seriously, why is Nick so hell-bent on raising the bastard child of a girl he barely knows (“loves”) who herself was committing very insane crimes like four months ago?!

      • Dan Says:

        A post-prison Nick seems to want stability, normalcy, and the type of life where the shades of gray that once plague his life are non-existent. In a way, this insta-family is a way for Nick to fit in to the world he lives in.

        Back to Gabi’s bedroom, I love it because it’s also where Will and Gabi got it on. This whole story is messy. The show does need to amp it up, but at least the storylines are there.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The psychology on Nick’s part actually makes a fair amount of sense. I’d like to see more of him with Abigail, Maggie, Jen, Hope, etc., so we get a sense that he’s feeling alienated from his family or he thinks this is a way of fitting in with them or something. But I like it character-wise. He’s just, you know, nuts.

  3. ImADorkOfCourse Says:

    Gabi and Nick, but especially Nick are just idiots. and pissing me off. And it’s inevitable that Sonny will find out eventually that his boyfriend is going to be father, and Will better be the one to let him know… our else there will be trouble for WilSon….. and that would be horrible. And what’s with the gay guy getting the girl pregnant…. happened in OLTL with Oliver… and Stacy…
    and in both cases the girl was a bitch.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I get the structure of it — it ties the gay couple in with the heterosexual drama without having to do a bunch of gymnastics and keeps them from being isolated in a triangle with a stranger. But Gabi and especially Nick are being SO pushy here!

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