Birds of a Tragic Feather

I haven’t felt all that motivated to blog about anything happening on Days this week, despite the Marlena/Kristen stuff being fairly compelling and Gabi’s almost-abortion being reasonably well handled (considering this is the show that punished Mimi for having an abortion by making her BARREN! and UNLOVABLE!). Perhaps it’s the fact that I have strep throat and am lying here unable to string together anything particularly clever inside my own head, let alone on the page.

However, those SAYLUM WIMMINZ BUK KLUB scenes last week got me thinking…

With Lisa Rinna exiting at some not-quite-clear point in the future (and I’m not spoilering that because her presence in town literally influences no one’s story in any way), this might be the closest we get to one of my Salem Dream Scenes: Billie, Adrienne, and Nicole all discussing their lives. Because they seriously have the same backstory, with a few Choose Your Own Adventure-esque variations. Abusive dad! Forced to do drugs/prostitution/porn! Substance abuse issues! And the execution of each of their backstories really highlights the writing of the era in which they were introduced: Adrienne’s was a sensitive, psychological tale about a very broken family; Billie’s was more salacious, with the singing and the drugs and the long-lost mother, but she was still presented as a sympathetic character; and Nicole was a scheming, gold-digging bitch with a mysteriously Hispanic father and a hilarious porn name and a comical drinking problem.

Oh well. There’s still a chance someone will score a Salem Hat Trick, and I am holding onto that dream for all it’s worth.

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3 Comments on “Birds of a Tragic Feather”

  1. salem hat trick. yes.

  2. Jayme Says:

    So true! You could probably throw Melanie into that mix too.

    I’m naming my first born Misty Circle. I hope it’s a boy!

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