Beauty and the Priest

So, kudos to Days for not only remembering that Eric and Nicole went to Venice Beach for a photo shoot back in the day, but digging up actual footage of Nicole from the shoot.

(Embarrassing as it might have been.)

They can’t remember that John and Hope are still married, but they can get the details right regarding a C-storyline from 1998. Typical.

I really have nothing else to say besides that I want to look at Eric frequently and to excess:

I mean…! I am curious to see him and Brady meet, though. They’re basically the same character, function- and relationship-wise. (I always sort of thought Eric Martsolf should have just been cast as Eric Brady, since they seemed more interested in playing up his relationships with Nicole and Sami than his past with Chloe, but I guess they wanted the Kiriakis connection, too.)

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4 Comments on “Beauty and the Priest”

  1. Dan Says:

    With Eric as a priest and Brady all messed up, I can see more distinctions. It would be a smart move to really let Brady lose his mind during the mess with Kristen and embrace dark, tortured soul Brady, which Martsolf plays very well.

    They should have revealled Ian McAllister created the marriage license as part of his scam to get his hands on the Dimera money.

    Vaughn isn’t as bad as I thought he’d be. I was really expecting this to be Taylor 3.0

    • mykleraus Says:

      You’re right — the differences are definitely set up now. Mostly when they brought Brady back at the end of 2008, they sort of stuck him into an age group and a place on canvas that seemed to make Eric obsolete, but I think this will work.

      I think Vaughn is very charismatic, which in daytime is often more important than technical acting skill. He’s likable, and we aren’t being told THIS CHARACTER IS SO GOOD AND WONDERFUL like we were with Taylor (while she ran around behaving like a hosebeast), so they seem to have avoided that disaster.

  2. Jayme Says:

    You’re totally right about Brady/Eric basically being the same person. In a perfect world i would’ve switched the actors around and had Martsolf as Eric (since he’s blond and could pass for Sami’s twin) and Vaughn as Brady (since he kinda looks like John), but I would’ve kept Brady as the reformed drug addict and made him the priest. No? Whatever. Just keep them both shirtless.

    Can we discuss Nicole’s earrings? They were so distracting until I realized they were an integral part of the plot. Then I burst out laughing. As if she couldn’t feel that thing falling out of her ear. It had the same circumference of a hula hoop.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Days of Our Lives… subtle as always. I’m surprised she didn’t mention the earrings 150 times before she lost one. “My, these earrings are so nice and large! They were a gift from Daniel!” etc.

      I could honestly see Martsolf or Vaughn as Drake Hogestyn’s son. Someone about Martsolf is really fitting as the son of John Black — they really nailed that casting.

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