Why I Love This Show

Because of things like this:


No, not Abigail and EJ specifically — btw, was that a chemistry test? Because I didn’t hate it, and technically, she’s five years older than him, so whatever — but the fact that they’re bothering to play scenes like this in the wake of Nicole’s lie being revealed. We had Jen/Brady, Brady/Nicole, EJ/Gabi, EJ/Abigail, Daniel/Hope… just a lot of non-essential beats in terms of story that touched instead on character and detail.

So that’s why I put up with ridiculousness like this:

Has any woman on this show ever discovered a pregnancy without fainting or suffering some other malady that landed her in the hospital? Don’t you kind of notice, “Hey, I haven’t had my period in two months?” without needing to pass out during work or fall down an elevator shaft or something? (Also, if the fact that Gabi is pregnant is a spoiler to you, I’m severely worried about your mental health and would recommend both psychological help and maybe a job on the Days writing staff.)

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7 Comments on “Why I Love This Show”

  1. Dan Says:

    The last four episodes have been phenomenal.

    Isn’t it funny that two characters of opposite sex interact and almost immediately the audience thinks it is a chem test? Since I’m convinced we are heading to a redux of Abigail/Chad, I wouldn’t be surprised if E.J. was used as a spoiler. Then again, the Brady / Jennifer scenes didn’t result in anything, yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if things changes down the line.

    Now, if Nicole hadn’t told the truth and let E.J. play his games, I would have loved for E.J. to have seduced Abigail with the intention of driving her away from her mother and, hence, taking a child from Jennifer the way Jennifer had from E.J. Of course, Abigail, being a Spencer woman, would go ape-sh*t after learning the truth and finally give Kate Mansi a story to sink her teeth into.

    My mom was watching Monday’s and Tuesday’s episodes with me and asked why Gabi fainted. I said, “What is the only reason a young female faints on a soap?” I DIED when Sami showed up at the hospital. That was more shocking than Gabi’s bun in the oven.

    BTW, I wonder if Gabi’s pregnancy is the reason we got that bizarre D-story treated like a B-story of Gabi having mono. I wonder if Gabi would have claimed she had a relapse of mono when she actually learned she was pregnant.

    I died when Sonny admitted he HAD lured Will to his apartment.

    The Will / Lucas / Sami scenes were well executed. Melissa Salmons is probably my favorite script writer. I wish she and the Culltions wrote all the scripts.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I thought Jen/Brady was just a mislead, but then Maggie had that scene where she basically told Brady, “Go fuck the grief out of Jennifer!” so who the hell knows? I don’t hate the potential of EJ and Abigail, honestly.

      Folding Sami in with the Gabi stuff so early is fun and clever. The Sami/Rafe business becomes a lot more interesting to me when it’s tied in with other storylines.

      I need to pay more attention to who writes the individual scripts. The Cullitons always seem to deliver.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Totes. Not mad at our little show right now.

    Abigail and EJ would be an interesting pairing. Their chemistry test scene wasn’t awkward. We know how Abigail likes her older men (a-choo-Austin, cough, cough).

    Gabi’s pregnancy was totally predictable, yes, but Sami knowing about it was not. That adds a nice layer and will give Sami and Will some interesting dynamics to play with going forward.

    Will and Sonny are acting a lot like a normal couple, which means it’s about to get real Daysie out for them, and soon. I am glad Sonny admitted to the costume box ruse. He was written to be a little too perfect, and this makes him more human for me.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I loved the twist of Sonny “tricking” Will into going to his apartment. That’s how normal people manipulate a situation. It doesn’t make him evil, but it makes him human.

  3. Alana Says:

    I loved it too! And I totally agree on the pregnancy issue (I did a lol dayz about it this morning, actually). The only time I remember it not happening (fainting or other hospital involvement) was when Carrie was carrying around the pee soaked pregnancy test in the pub.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Gotta check out the latest LOL Dayz!

      Carrie and that stick, good grief. Shouldn’t she be delivering about now? She and Nicole were approximately the same amount along.

  4. Jayme Says:

    EJ has chemistry with EVERYBODY. it’s amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he accidentally spills coffee on Maxine and they start going at it.

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