Happy 47th Birth-Days!

What better way to celebrate the 47th anniversary of Days of Our Lives than with a classic Scheming Woman Exposed in Front of a Crowd held in the Horton living room?

Aside from the fact that Arianne Zucker absolutely ripped me apart with her performance, there was some actual drama involved in the proceedings, as everyone raced over to the Horton house to figure out what was going on. Look at all these people in one room!


Compare that with, say, the time Stephanie’s lies were exposed… by Nathan finding out the truth from Ian offscreen and then coming home to confront her one-on-one. Yawn.

I could (and I guess I am about to) complain about how they let the air out of this story too early, what with Nicole dropping the charges and then Daniel finding out the truth himself — seriously, when Abigail yelled at Nicole, “Look at what you’ve done!”, I was thinking, “She made Daniel waste money on airfare?” Aside from that, Jennifer spent a night in jail. There was pretty much zero on the line by the time Nicole was confronted with the truth, because Daniel wasn’t going to leave town with her anymore. But, I tell myself, at least someone found an old bicycle pump in the Brady Pub attic (next to Stephanie, I suspect) to put some air into the damn thing in the first place. This story might have deflated prematurely, but at least there was something to deflate. It’s clear TPTB at least watched old, brilliant exposure episodes, like when Kristen’s lies came out, and emulated the beats. I’ll take it.

(Is that a very sad paragraph? I can’t tell.)

And there was other anniversary-worthy stuff going on, too. John and Kristen’s scenes were wonderful, with how they went from John snarking on Kristen to her breaking down in a genuinely sympathetic way (Eileen Davidson is so damn good), though it cracked me up how Kristen was like, “I’m not trespassing! A dead woman gave me a key to this place 20 years ago, so it’s totally appropriate for me to be here!” Even Sami’s stuff was delightful, as it has been lately. It might not have been flashy, but it was a great episode to mark what I hope is the latest in a long line of anniversaries to come.

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3 Comments on “Happy 47th Birth-Days!”

  1. Dan Says:

    When Nicole was told her baby was dead, I thought the baby was going to be kidnapped. I thought the lack of power and the dayplayer doctor running off to South America was a setup for Nicole’s baby to return some point down the line. Only when I realized that the baby was really dead, not soapdead, that I began to feel for Nicole. This was heartbreaking as was today’s scenes with her on the stairs, again. I’m pleasantly surprised with the resolution to this storyline.

    I, too, am disappointed we didn’t get a trial, but I still feel there was a need to reveal the truth. If the truth hadn’t come out, E.J. was going to go after Jennifer for killing his child. Nicole was aware of this and tried to get Sami to stop E.J., which sent Sami running over to Jennifer’s house. E.J. wasn’t going to let this go and Jennifer was going to suffer. The threat as no longer imprisonment, but E.J.’s threat. Honestly, I would rather have seen the trial and watched E.J. screw with Jennifer and the Hortons in the process. I do appreciate that the characters didn’t act stupid. Nicole was called out for what she did almost every step of the way since she fell down the stairs by the people who knew her best, which is, of course, Nicole at her worst.

    It’s not the way I would have executed it, but I think it was logical and the stakes were the ones the audience had come to expect at the start of the story.

    Other than Nathan learning offscreen about Ian’s role, the Stephanie / Nathan confrontation was flawless. Raw, emotional, and heartwrenching performances that were only weakened by the fact that it was announced that Hennig, Hapka, and Johnson were leaving the series. I appreciated the intimacy of Nathan and Stephanie’s breakup, which is something they rarely got in their relationship. As much as I enjoy the big confrontation scenes, I also enjoy more intimate, one-on-one reveals like Nathan / Stephanie and Nicole / Sami.

    Speaking of Stephanie, have they acknowledged her since Kayla returned to town. I remember Hope referenced her in the summer of 2011 when Sami told her Rafe II flirted with her, but I don’t remember Kayla mentioning her daughter since her return. I loved the Stephanie / Nathan / Melanie storyline so much.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Nicole’s stuff has been pretty damn heartbreaking. She (and Zuker) really carried a story that was sort of exciting but otherwise lacking a foundation.

      I think you’re right — some of the ending of Nathan/Stephanie/Melanie was deadened simply because we knew those people were leaving so soon. I really loved that whole umbrella with them, Daniel, Chloe, Carly, and Philip, but we got so little follow-through because of casting issues.

      I’m almost positive Kayla has mentioned Stephanie a few times since she’s been back, but I don’t think in any real detail. We don’t have any idea where she is (I remember Bo said he spoke to Stephanie about Fake Rafe and I was like, “You went up to the attic to speak with her?”).

  2. […] Tomlin & Whitesell returned to the show, and it served as a pretty solid State of the Union. Nicole’s lies were revealed in the Horton living room, and while it wasn’t perfect, it showed a clear dedication to building arcs and providing […]

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