Good Luck With That, Jen


Seems to be working out really well for ya, lady.

Is she an idiot? (Don’t bother — I already know the answer.) Physically assaulting the woman who just dropped charges against you for physically assaulting her seems like maybe not the smartest move, but then again, I’ll just refer myself to the above photo.

Meanwhile, how am I not supposed to root for Nicole when she gets to spit out hilarious lines like, “Listen, bitch, you want the truth?”

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4 Comments on “Good Luck With That, Jen”

  1. Alana Says:

    THANK you. I know Nicole did wrong, but if loving Nicole is wrong I don’t wanna be right. I can’t root for shrew gone wild Jen. I can’t and I won’t. Hate that Jen acted like a self righteous sanctimonious (to use the word du jour in Salem right now) beyotch and now she is going to come out with head held high and no real consequences.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I LIKE what they’re doing with Jen, because she’s actually interesting and I like this story, but in no way is she rootable here (beyond, like, me not wanting her to get life in prison for something she didn’t do).

  2. Dan Says:

    Jennifer is crazier than the writers of this damn show, but I still cannot blame her. She is completely irrationale. There was a beautiful conversation between Jen and Hope when Jen was begging Hope to arrest her where Hope told Jen she isn’t making any sense. I think we are suppose to believe the grief over Jack’s death and the anxiety over her imprisonment is enough to drive Jen to her present state. Buy in all comes down to the viewer.

    I wish I could be more negative about the show, but I still find it fascinating. The longterm narrative structure hasn’t really changed; it’s still plot point writing. At least for me, the day to day structure makes up for the lack of longterm vision. Today’s episode was epic. Is “Days of our Lives” the only soap that still gathers a group of people in one room to do a reveal? Classic “Days.” What a wonderful way to celebrate the show’s anniversary.

    – Dan, the eternal optimist.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I love that we have such similar perspectives on it. The writing is plotty and choppy, but it FEELS like “Days of Our Lives.” And the interactions throughout the episodes really keep me watching, even if they aren’t in service of great story. Like, “Oh, Lucas turned up at Jen’s to talk about this mess, and of course he has a perspective on Nicole, since she was his first wife 13 years ago!” That stuff goes a long way for me.

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