Dr. Know It All

Back during the height of Marlena’s obnoxious, unbearable period (most of 2005-2009), I often wondered why any of us had found her so damn rootable back in the 90s, especially during the Kristen story.

And now that Kristen is back, I remember: because John is a complete moron. Marlena’s all, “The woman who locked me in a secret room for months because she was obsessed with you is back, and she keeps popping up everywhere we go, and I don’t like it,” and John’s like, “Eh, it’s fine.” Marlena is the voice of reason, people! What is going on?

Then again, she heard Hope give a 30-second spiel about going to a remote island with no cell reception or landline and was like, “Sure, that seems like a great idea with my psychotic nemesis on the loose!” So maybe I’m giving her too much credit.

Also: shut up, Roman.

“Nice day for a stroll through the Square, huh?” Of course it is! THERE’S NO OTHER FUCKING PLACE TO GO!

(I’d apologize for the terrible screencap, but it’s funny to me and it kind of looks the way he sounds, so…)

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8 Comments on “Dr. Know It All”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    I love that during the town square party ep they said that it was indoors and climate controlled (probably so they don’t have to account for weather changes except for changing the fake tree in the center of the square) but occasionally they will act like they are outside. Like when Rafe and Sami where on their date Sami said something about it being a nice night for a walk and Rafe said something about it being an Indian Summer. It’s a nice night for a walk INDOORS!?!?! Also you don’t see any actual doors just the weird gates.

  2. Alana Says:

    LOL, I was right there with you during the “Marlena’s reign of know-it-all” years, and I am glad she has been more reasonable and self referential since her return. And John is an idiot, but Marlena is an idiot for sending him alone. Did the shutters have to be closed that night? I didn’t think so.

  3. Dan Says:

    When I heard Kristen had undergone therapy, I assumed it would be Marlena who would be all supportive and John who was standoffish. I assumed this because Marlena is a psychiatrist; someone who I assume would believe in the power of therapy. Yet, it is delightfully wicked that Marlena keeps saying Kristen hasn’t changed and is evil. Evil? Really? I don’t remember Kristen being possessed by the Devil. Maybe I more forgiving to Kristen because I was one of the three people that liked simple social worker Kristen.

    Anyway, I hope Kristen drives Marlena insane and lands Marlena in the mental hospital. That would be something I would thoroughly enjoy seeing.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Hahahaha. That would be sort of amazing. And a very “Marlena” storyline.

      I have genuinely enjoyed Marlena since her return last year, though, so I’m kind of with her in this. And they’re playing Kristen in an interesting way — she’s not being outright devious, so I can sort of believe that she thinks she’s changed but is being drawn into doing these intrusive things, too.

      • Dan Says:

        Marlena’s return has been a mixed bag for me. I wasn’t one of the ones crying when she departed in January 2009. I was aware of the budget limitations and recognized the “Days” of Marlena being Center of the Universe were over. Having sat through the first half of Ellen Wheeler’s “Guiding Light,” I was pleased we didn’t have a front burner storyline being played by an actress with a 2-day-a-week guarntee. I thought it was bold and paid off. I also didn’t think Marlena’s fanbase would accept Marlena in a supporting role and would demand she return to the frontburner, which, ultimately, has been the case since her return.

        Her return story was a bust for a multitude of reasons, which have been rehashed and reheated as much as the storyline itself was. The show didn’t need to do Jarlena vs. Stefano 9.0. Also, I wasn’t pleased to see Sami recycling scripts from 1995. That was unnecessary.

        Only when Marlena was shifted into a supporting role did the character seem to flourish, but even then I felt she dominated in an unnecessary way. Marlena became Will’s main champion when there were many other women in Will’s family (Kate, Caroline, Maggie) who cared about him and who could have provided interesting perspectives on his conflict. While I loved Marlena / Will’s relationship, I felt that often it was at the expense of others.

        At the moment, I like Marlena because I understand her motivation. Should she be suspect of Kristen? I don’t know, but I would understand why she would have her guard up. I’m curious to see where this is all heading.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I was thrilled when John and Marlena left — not because I hate them, but they felt so played-out and there was zero inspired writing for them. And I was thrilled with what the show became in their absence. But (crappy return story aside), they’ve been reintegrated into Salem nicely. I really like Marlena in the supporting role she’s had, and her stuff with and regarding Kristen so far has been very good. She’s been so much less of a stupid damsel-in-distress since returning, which was my biggest problem before — she was just constantly being kidnapped and taken advantage of, and the story was so tethered to her and John’s great love that there were no other avenues ever explored.

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