This is Not Good For My Health

I know I shouldn’t even dare to ask a logic-based question like this…

…but once Nicole told Roman that she didn’t think Jennifer pushed her on purpose, Daniel could have just been like, “See ya,” right? It isn’t like she can credibly change her story back if Daniel dumps her now. Am I crazy? (Yes, I know I’m crazy for trying to apply logic to a story on Days of Our Lives, but still.)

Because really, it seems like he wants to be with her, so why am I watching a show about a bunch of people frantically running around town desperate to “save” him?

I did love Sami telling Jennifer, “No man wants to be with Nicole” and then theorizing about how Nicole could have kept Jennifer behind bars more effectively.

I’m completely unclear as to why Sami is randomly now playing the role of Jennifer, while Jennifer is all, “Yeah, whatever, Daniel made his STD-infested bed, and he can lie in it,” but I do love the sense of urgency of everyone (Sami, Lucas, Daniel, Victor) running around town reacting to this.

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10 Comments on “This is Not Good For My Health”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    I was suprised that Daniel found out the truth about the baby in one episode rather than running around like a mad person for six months sniffing the baby shirt, going to Africa to find where the shirt was manufactured and almost finding out the truth 12 times before the storyline just falls off the face of the earth. It was a nice change of pace. Hell if Daniel can find out a huge secret like that in one episode with nothing more than a shirt to go on maybe he should try to take down Stefano. He might actualy get it done!

  2. Joanna Says:

    Yeah, logic is scarce is Salem, but you make an excellent point. The drama has been sucked out of the storyline now that Chris Kositchek, I mean, Roman knows that Nicole has doubts about Jennifer pushing her deliberately. And, despite Sami’s hilarious dig at Nicole, Daniel does seem to fancy Nicole for real. This storyline had potential but is rapidly becoming a giant snoozefest.

    Oh, and Brady’s sweaty hell-dream was rad. Gratuitous nudity for sure, but enjoyable.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, I was not mad at that dream.

      Daniel seems to like Nicole quite a bit. He very willingly kissed her recently, right? I don’t get why they undid all the tension of this so quickly.

  3. Dan Says:

    I understand Jennifer’s motivation for trying to save Daniel. She has repeatedly told us she isn’t going to sit back and lose someone she loves ala Jack. I buy her desire to want to save Daniel. Daniel feels sorry for Nicole, and I suspect thinks this is what he deserves. It plays into that pseudo-hero complex he has had by dating all the patients. I wish someone would tell him he has a sex addiction like Nathan did to Chloe during the height of her skankiness.

    The derailing of the Nicole / Daniel / Jennifer story is disappointing as the whole situation was incredibly dark and twisted. I thought it was brave to actually have Jennifer in jail, while also showing Nicole holding her dead son. It was all incredibly twisted by playing the empathy out of both Nicole and Jennifer. I think this type of writing scares the executives. Corday labelled the last few months of Higley as dark and bleak. Having Jennifer suffer a long trial, which would have pleased me, was probably a frightening proposition and I suspect they may have been asked to derail things.

    With that said, I think the story direction after the reveal is fairly clear with the casting notices that have been made.

    On another note, the writing for Sami has been amazing lately. Dare I say it, I think the Rafe/Sami angst is enjoyable, Sami / Kristen is an interesting dynamic, and Sami running around Salem stirring sh*t up harkens to the old Sami, while allowing the character to mature a bit.

    • Michele Says:

      All good points! I wish the Jen-in-jail storyline would have played out a bit more. I’m also so tired of watching Nicole get gut punched. I mean she hasn’t had a break since that time… Yeah…. Maybe she is conniving and self-serving but so is EJ and he always manages to schmooze his way out of (and into) things. I can’t help but root a bit for Nicole. Am I wrong for wanting Jen to trip over that self-righteous stick she has shoved in her…. purse.

      • mykleraus Says:

        This whole reveal would have held a lot more weight if Nicole hadn’t dropped the charges already. It’s hard for me to be THAT pissed at her knowing that she really did lose a child that day.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I totally buy Jen’s motivation for it. She loves Daniel. But for us, the stakes feel rather flimsy. (Maybe just because I don’t buy Daniel and Jennifer have some kind of undying love that must be fought for. They’re pleasant together, and he’s also pleasant with Nicole.) But yes, this entire storyline could have given us six months of intense drama. It totally feels like they’re racing to the end now.

      Something about Sami has clicked lately, too. Probably the fact that the entire storyline is not about who gets to bed her. Her recent stuff with Marlena, John, and Kristen has been awesome.

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