What Happened In Salem: Week of October 29th

Lucas decided that Sonny is a manwhore. Meanwhile:

Jennifer unveiled the latest in her long, ridiculous list of terrible plans when she told Hope that she is going to turn herself in for murdering Nicole’s baby, thus keeping Daniel in Salem. Hope was like, “I fail to see the problem: we get rid of Nicole AND Daniel, AND you don’t go to jail? Why are you so upset?” But Jennifer persisted. Meanwhile, Daniel went to the hospital to finish up some work and discovered the baby’s shirt in the Lost & Found — tagged with the date that Nicole actually lost the baby. Someone probably should have told Nicole to take notes from Bo and Caroline: if you say you’re leaving town and then spend more than one episode talking about it before you do it, you are not making it out. Look at Carrie and Austin — they didn’t even say goodbye to their families!

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened In Salem last week!

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