The End is Nigh (and Boring)

I know I’ve been a pretty vocal Tomlin/Whitesell advocate, but not today.

WTF is going on with this Jennifer/Nicole story? They set up this messy, complicated situation, Jennifer was in seriously dire straights, Nicole was blinded by pain, and then… Daniel gets Nicole to drop the charges and she does? Shouldn’t this have built to some huge trial with, like, EJ bribing the judge and Hope tracking down evidence and a million other things? I know we still have to play the beat of Nicole being exposed, but there are zero stakes to it now. And I’m not even getting into why Jennifer was screaming at Daniel for helping her out. I’ve defended Melissa Reeves (acting-wise) a lot the past few months, but that was a horrible, horrible choice that made Jennifer totally stupid and unsympathetic.

I’d say the wheels have come off, but it’s more like the wheels got ripped off by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and chomped to splinters. Good grief.

At least we did get one favorite trope of this woman-with-a-secret story: the random extra obsessed with an inanimate object.

I presume this is her first day of work and she went to nursing school in a place where they have no shopping malls or baby stores or anything. Because she was freaking out about that sort-of-cute-at-best outfit.

Speaking of things petering out in an anticlimactic manner…

Tuesday was Peter Reckell and Bo’s last day in Salem. He had some very nice goodbye scenes with various family members, and I actually appreciate the way that they’re writing him out in a kind of not-too-dramatic way, but how weird were the scenes between him and Hope?

Reckell and Kristian Alfonso sold the emotions, but it was like, “Hey, our family is in this Pub with us, except they’re not because we can’t afford to shoot too many group scenes, so we’ll film it all in close-up and the family will be gone when we pull back,” and there were no flashbacks or anything. I hope they’ll make reference to Hope and Ciara flying down to California to see Bo, but come Christmas, I wonder if we’ll get a super-awkward “Bo is in the kitchen!” Or are they that confident they’re going to get Peter Reckell back in the reasonably near future? Just please, please, do not make me suffer through another “Our marriage broke up offscreen because my husband hasn’t called or texted me lately” storyline.

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5 Comments on “The End is Nigh (and Boring)”

  1. Stevie Says:

    I know that the whole Daniel/Jennifer “confession” scene was supposed to be so touching and dramatic, but honestly, all I could think of the whole time was Will Ferrell & Christina Applegate in “Anchorman.” The “Pleasuretown” scene.

    “I friggin’ love you!”
    “I friggin’ love you back!”

  2. Joanna Says:

    The extra’s “two-sie” obsession TOTES reminded me of when then little girl Abigail was obsessed with the Princess Gina/Hope Puzzlebox in the 90s. She was like four years old and her “favorite toy” was basically a piece of wood, since nobody could open it for weeks and weeks. It was tragically implausible and I loved it!

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