Next Stop: The Accessories Depot

Lucas was really channeling his inner Kate when he found Will and Sonny about to do it, huh? Also — how great was Chandler Massey’s face when Will heard his father’s voice through the door?

Never, ever, ever did I think I would see scenes like those ones between Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives. They’re doing everything so casually, too. They kiss as much as the straight couples, they have sex(-adjacent) scenes like the straight couples, etc. It’s a pleasant surprise.

But back to Lucas. Theory — go with me here: Lucas is afraid of his son making the same mistakes that he and Sami made. So he thinks he’s telling Will to wait and be sure, but what he’s really doing is starting down the same path that Kate went down, which is “no one is ever good enough except some mythical person you can’t have.” I’ve long believed that the reason Kate meddles so excessively in her kids’ love lives is because she feels so guilty for having let Curtis take Billie and Austin from her, and she’s constantly trying to overcompensate and protect her kids from something like that. I could see Lucas having adopted a similar pathology.

Of course, I doubt the writers will ever tie it together that way, but it helps justify it in my mind. Plus there’s the shock of finding out his son is gay; I think it’s realistic for a parent, especially a dad, to be knocked a little off-balance by that, even if you’re ultimately “okay” with it. And then there’s the fact that they need some kind of conflict at this stage, and if it keeps Lucas from being written off (as long as they don’t totally demonize him), then fine. He hasn’t done anything horrifyingly bad yet.

As for History Mentions That Placate Me Even In The Face Of Bad Story:

I did not expect to get any kind of acknowledgement of Nick and Billie’s history together (they got drunk and slept together after Chelsea rejected him, back when Julie Pinson was playing Billie). The way Blake Berris played the line “Nice to see you, Billie” was perfect, and it was just enough of a reference to add some depth without having to make it a whole big thing. I wish these writers could be half as good at really building story and tension as they are at utilizing these bits and pieces.

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3 Comments on “Next Stop: The Accessories Depot”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Lucas IS turning into Kate. Maybe he’ll get a rad blue streak in his hair too. That’d be cool. Wait, no it wouldn’t.

    Will and Sonny were adorable, but now they’re getting steamy! Brown chicken brown cow…

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