What Happened In Salem: Week of October 22nd

While things took a happy turn in Jennifer’s world, the same couldn’t be said for Marlena…

Kristen cornered Marlena in the nursery section of Home Depot, which Marlena had mistaken for a park. Kristen insisted that she has changed after intensive therapy, but Marlena was skeptical that could have helped, since Marlena knows firsthand how lax the medical board is about licensing deranged people as psychiatrists. Kristen then went to visit John at his office, while Marlena feared Kristen had stolen her cell phone, and she really didn’t want to stand in line at the damn Apple store again. Luckily, John’s secretary found Marlena’s phone in the office, but John and Marlena remained unnerved by Kristen’s reappearance in Salem.

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened In Salem last week!

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