A Bounty of Surprises

Is there anything as glorious as a week in which people who are not Sami manage to make Sami look like a total fool?

Those scenes between her and Kristen were so great, with Sami darting to call the police and then declaring that, even at her worst, she was never on the same level of villainy as Kristen. And lest you think that the Great MarDar Torching of 2012 is over, the new writers managed to make a plot point out of how stupid it is that anyone would install Sami as the CEO of anything besides an Etsy shop.

And then you had Bo being all, “Well, if you’d gotten your head out of EJ/Rafe/Lucas’s collective underpants for five minutes, you might have noticed that your grandma is crackers.” Sami, of course, was distressed by the prospect of losing free babysitting.

Are Will and Sonny, like, the most realistic young couple on this show in decades? All the joking and grabbing and the casual-ness of it. Aside from that one insane scene where Sonny made a “joke” about them getting married (memo to Will: people who make those jokes are never actually joking), they’re actually acting like college-age kids in the throes of first love.

It’s been legitimately cute, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much the show is actually doing with them. I think they’ve kissed more in a month than The Gays on As the World Turns did in five years. And we’re getting to see an actual happy phase for them before Hurricane Gabi’s Uterus hits. But here’s the real question: is one of them going to use the phrase “make love” in the near future? Your cool points are on the line, boys.

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6 Comments on “A Bounty of Surprises”

  1. Mark Horst Says:

    OMG! i so see sami brady in a spin class in skin tight spandex bike shorts ripping some very smelly farts!

  2. Mark Horst Says:

    Come on Myklaures and Under Your Wing. I want to here from you both! Answer my Comment.

  3. mark horst Says:

    ha ha ha!

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