Lucas and the Leaves

Crank up the Kelly Moneymaker and bust out Grandma Alice’s donuts, because we have a miracle on our hands!

The writers actually remembered that Jennifer and Lucas are siblings! I seriously think this might be their first scene since Lucas returned in February. Wonders never cease.

I’m pretty worried about Lucas’s future on the show, what with there being no obvious love interests, his tension with Will having blown over, etc. I hope they don’t cut Bryan Dattilo again, but I also fear that he’ll hang around and become a younger Roman, showing up to a handful of family events but seemingly without any life of his own. I’m still annoyed that the old writers rushed him and Sami back together in such a boring way, but if this regime isn’t interested in pursuing those two together (and I actually like what they did with them as semi-friendly exes yesterday), I might be okay with them putting Dattilo on recurring and creating a nice new doctor or someone for him to be married to, so we know Lucas is happy and in Salem and we can see him when appropriate.

Speaking of depressing:

(And I’m not talking about Marlena’s hideous outfit.)

One definite criticism I have of Tomlin, whether as EP or writer, is the over-reliance on setting scenes in “the park” and “the woods.” MarDar were using that area outside the Town Square decently as an extra spot for character crosses, but now we’re back to the random, cheap-looking areas that look like the nursery at Home Depot.

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6 Comments on “Lucas and the Leaves”

  1. Alana Says:

    The outdoor “park” set just makes me think of Lexie in her garden, since it is clearly the exact same set. Same place Rafe and Sami had their picnic recently. Its so funny looking at old clips and being like “omg they used to occasionally film outside!”

  2. Joanna Says:

    I am all for ALU (Appropriate Lucas Usage.) You’re absolutely right, Lucas needs a new (non-Brady, non-crazy, age-appropriate) lady in his life. Providing Will with one sane parent who is in a stable relationship would be nice, especially as Will embarks on his first adult romance with Sonny.

  3. Dan Says:

    Did Lucas show up at Jack’s memorial? I know he and Will had the fight about Will not going there. I thought Lucas ended up appearing with Billie and Kate.

    I wish Lucas would hook up with a new doctor at University Hospital, who has arrived after a disastrous relationship with an older colleague. In rare “Days” moment, this woman and Kate actually get along. Well, until Bill Horton returns to town, romances Kate, and reveals himself to be the older man that broke this woman’s heart. Then Kate would have a new target for her latest schem.

  4. Jayme Says:

    I thought PARTS of the park looked nice, but it’s a bit out of control. There wasn’t even a patch of sky! It was like Marlena emerged from a huge orange bush, with the exception of some random green floor plants. I could’ve sworn I saw a cactus in there.

    While I too hate the blazer, I would take 10 more animal print blazers if it meant never having to see Deidre Hall in sweats, or that dolman sleeved Cookie Monster sweater with the attached gloves she wore last week. She needs to be in ballgowns or négligées with pantyhose at all times.

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