A Very Brady Meeting

How great were those scenes of the three Brady siblings discussing how to handle Caroline’s care?

They even mentioned talking it over with Kimberly, Frankie, and Max, which was a nice touch (I can’t believe I’ve been so beaten down that I’m praising them just for mentioning all of Caroline’s children). And thus it was decided that Roman would be Vice President of Watching Sami’s Children, Kayla would be the Wanchai Comptroller, and Bo would be in charge of cramming Caroline’s oversized dentures into her mouth every day.

Honestly, they were really good, sensitively handled scenes, but I had to crack up when Bo was all, “I feel guilty that you guys had to pick up so much of the slack when I was off in the Merchant Marines.” What about when Kayla left town and literally never visited (wait, maybe she was “in the kitchen” for Caroline’s funeral in 2003) for fifteen years, or when Roman died twenty times, or when Kimberly was running around moonlighting as a hooker? I think Bo has kinda put in his time, ya know?

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5 Comments on “A Very Brady Meeting”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Or when this happened…

  2. Joanna Says:

    Hahahaha. True story.

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