We are Officially in Crazytown

Has anyone noticed the abundance of flashbacks lately?

Did Marlena get a discount on a bulk shipment of Vaseline or something?

Speaking of Marlena:

When I called you a cow, I didn’t mean you HAD TO ACTUALLY DRESS LIKE ONE.

Also, praise the Lord that Kristen has an iPad, or she wouldn’t have a damn clue what was going on.

I mean, based on that ridiculous Google search she did — “were stefano and/or ej dimera ever connected to embezzlement charges against john black?” — she either just got Internet access, or she’s my mom. (Seriously, though, she saw no news about John’s arrest? Stefano didn’t tell her?!)

I also appreciated how she loaded it with headshots of all her relevant family members and enemies before boarding her plane to Salem. I usually just go with a book or an episode of Breaking Bad or something, but I admittedly do not often fly to cities that I was exiled from fifteen years earlier.

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5 Comments on “We are Officially in Crazytown”

  1. Jayme Says:

    SO FUNNY. That google search killed me. She might as well have been asking a Magic Eight Ball.

  2. […] don’t know what to do with myself. I thought the time she dressed up like a cow was her personal rock-bottom, but this is distressing, […]

  3. […] So what gives? It was getting to be bizarre that Marlena was at the Kiriakis mansion plotting with Victor and never crossed with Maggie — but this was almost weirder. (Interestingly, Maggie decided to lose the ruffles and dress like a cow… something Marlena has notably done before.) […]

  4. […] engine interface, and Theresa is doing what appears to be a normal Google search (as opposed to Kristen’s 85-year-old who just got Facebook to play Farmville search a while back), and it doesn’t look like DOS, which every computer-related thing on Days did […]

  5. […] somewhere in the depths of the Kiriakis mansion/Daniel’s rectum, Maggie is running around dressed like a cow […]

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