Thank You For Being Tolerable

I cannot believe I’m about to type these words, but somehow, a twist in this neverending, endlessly repetitive EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle managed to impress me.

How perfect that Sami would be pissed not just that Rafe covered up the paternity of Nicole’s baby, but that he told Carrie the truth and didn’t tell her. It wasn’t a necessary part of the story or anything, but adding that layer completely sold this tired, predictable conflict for me. I had forgotten that Rafe ever told Carrie, but what a refreshing twist to have Sami genuinely outraged at Rafe for something that feels so personal to her but was totally justifiable from Rafe’s POV. I truly do not have a horse in this exhausting race, besides the horse named Please Don’t Bore Me To Death, so it’s nice to see a fresh dynamic from this trio.

Also, how great was Sami with her “Look, I’ve been switching blood tests since I was in high school!” comment to EJ? More of that and less stupid boohooing, please.

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5 Comments on “Thank You For Being Tolerable”

  1. Jayme Says:

    Totally agree. Hopefully they’re laying the groundwork for a Carrie return…sometime in 2016.

  2. john blair Says:

    Sami Brady looks like the type of woman who would need mouth to mouth cpr if she was in a horrific full speed head to head collision in the outfield of a baseball game.

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