How Convenient!

Kind of funny how John’s imagination was sure to age Kristen fifteen or so years from the last time he laid eyes on her, huh?

At least he had the decency to imagine her looking fantastic.

John and Marlena have been too damn much this past week, though. “OH, WE ARE SO HAPPY!” “NOTHING COULD RUIN OUR HAPPINESS NOW!” Famous last words, assholes. And you have to love Marlena being all, “SURPRISES KEEP LIFE INTERESTING!” You’d think after decades of being kidnapped/held in the Parisian sewers/possessed by Satan/brainwashed into killing your loved ones, you wouldn’t be so chipper at the prospect of a surprise twist in your life.

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5 Comments on “How Convenient!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    My sentiments exactly. I am cackling my face off right now! I’m ready for Kristen to serve up some soapy drama. Marlena and John need some shakin’ up. If anyone is ready for cuckoo developments, it’s our Marlena. She can handle anything. Her possession story
    Iine is my #1 fave of all time.

    Oh, why did Will have to jinx everyone’s happiness by asking “what would happen if all of us were happy at the same time?” Sami and Rafe are already on the rocks. The whole lot of them are headed for choppy waters…

    • mykleraus Says:

      Based on Will’s lineage, he is NEVER going to learn that lesson. How many times has Marlena been “so happy, nothing can stand in the way of our love now,” etc., only to have Stefano or some other bit of ridiculousness pop up to wreak havoc?

  2. Jayme Says:


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