“Just Once. Her Name Was Kristen Blake.”

One of the best things about long-gone characters returning is that, before the characters in Salem even know that person is coming back, they start flapping their gums about this person they haven’t mentioned in literally years. It’s so hilariously un-subtle. Like today, just as Kristen is agreeing to come back to Salem to help Stefano…

…John takes a break from gloating about his and Marlena’s unblemished happiness and love to talk with Sonny, who has the most insane proposal ever for John and asks him to speak at the coffee house about “the time you were going after Stefano while married to his daughter.”

What?! Why would you ask someone to speak about that? How about the time he LIVED FOR YEARS AS ANOTHER MAN, or the time he WAS A PRIEST (sort of) AND EXORCISED SATAN TO SAVE MARLENA? I know we care about Kristen, but is this really going to make the townspeople flock to The Coffeehouse That Might Or Might Not Be Named Common Grounds? Then again, I guess the sandwiches aren’t doing it.

This was a step away from possibly the best example of this ever, when Hope and Patrick were traipsing through the jungles of Melaswen, desperately trying to find a way back home, and Patrick randomly asked Hope, “Has anyone ever come between you and Bo?” and Hope turns, all dramatic-like, and says, “Just once. Her name was Billie Reed.” And then they cut to a scene of Bo… finding Billie passed out in the middle of the jungle. Subtlety, thy name is Days of Our Lives.

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4 Comments on ““Just Once. Her Name Was Kristen Blake.””

  1. Alana Says:

    LOL, it is soooo truuuuuue. They did the same thing with Nick. And a speaking series about embarrassing past romances? Everyone in Salem could come speak. It’s the perfect topic!

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