Were They Made of Sami’s Uterus?!


What was with Rafe and the damn sandwiches?!

If I’d been hypothetically playing a drinking game and had to take a hypothetical shot every time he said the word “sandwiches” on Friday, I would have hypothetically been vomiting by the second commercial break.

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2 Comments on “Were They Made of Sami’s Uterus?!”

  1. Jayme Says:

    What kind of coffee shop is this?? Artisan bread? That stupid expensive bean that Sonny ordered specifically for Victor? Is Adrienne stomping the beans in the back herself?

    Speaking of Sami’s uterus, it’s been promenantly on display the past few weeks with her barrage of bandage dresses. Listen, you can bench press Lucus, we get it. It’s October. Lets try pants.

    • mykleraus Says:

      In her defense… she HAS basically been on one neverending date with a variety of men for the past six weeks!

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