Dead Babies Are So Fun

“Jennifer Horton, you are under arrest for the murder of Nicole Walker’s unborn child.”


Now that is the kind of insane melodrama I want from my Days of Our Lives.

I know this Jennifer/Daniel/Nicole story is getting pretty mixed reactions online, but I kinda love it. I really thought we were in for a typical triangle, and since I do not care about either couple and I’m still bitter about Matthew Ashford’s firing, that seemed like a dreadful prospect. But Jennifer’s totally unhinged meltdown and Nicole’s desperate lie that is bound to be found out are way more interesting than I anticipated. Jennifer has been stuck in a rut as a character for a long, long time, because the only catalyst for story she’s really been given over the past decade is “Jack disappears/dies,” over and over again. So I’m all for this rivalry with Nicole and the fallout. I’m sure there will be some sickening “Daniel saves Jennifer” crap down the line, but I might not even mind it because the drama has been so good. Plus I actually feel bad for Jennifer, because as crazed as she has been acting (and I believe her desperation to “save” Daniel from Nicole is really misplaced guilt/grief over Jack), she didn’t do anything malicious to Nicole, who chased her up those stairs and wouldn’t let her go.

And as repulsive as Nicole’s lie is, I feel awful for her, too. They were wise to play out the delivery and some private scenes of her grieving for her baby, because the horror of what she’s been through was so powerful — and Arianne Zucker was so raw — that I get why she’s lashing out by letting Jennifer be blamed for this.

Meanwhile, in a quieter storyline on Friday, there was Caroline fearing that she has developed Alzheimer’s.

“I can’t remember which Wanchai Ferry product Ciara loves most!”

I have no idea where this is going (Does Peggy McCay want to retire? Is this an element of a bigger story?), but her scenes with Bo and Kayla were really touching and heartbreaking. It was a nice balance to the heightened craziness of the Jennifer/Nicole story.

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9 Comments on “Dead Babies Are So Fun”

  1. Jayme Says:

    This is the best twist that could’ve happened to an otherwise dull storyline. The baby daddy business with Nicole was a joke from the start, but with the baby dying and Nicole trying to frame Jen, all of a sudden the characters involved have a new lease on life. Jen’s crazy, Daniel’s delusional and totally being played and Rafe’s gonna be in the shithouse once Sami finds out he’s been lying.

    Maxine was crying!!!!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I forgot to mention Maxine. She was so great with her little moments. Made me sad even though I knew what Nicole was doing.

      And that’s exactly how I feel — there’s some juice to all of this now. It isn’t just a bunch of random C-story filler.

  2. Cassie Says:

    I find your title that Dead Babies Are So Much Fun repulsive. Where is your sensitivity to women who have actually lost babies? You are immoral and ignorant.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Sorry about that. The sarcasm clearly didn’t translate in print — I’ve written before about how ridiculous and overused miscarriages and stillbirths are as plot devices (even in regards to Nicole and this pregnancy, and even more so because of the character’s history), and I was shocked that they were actually mining a compelling story out of this rather than the usual “Oh well, lost a baby, moving on to a new lame romance” device.

    • Christy Says:

      Settle down, Cassie. Obviously, it’s sarcastic. Go throw your indignation somewhere else.

  3. Alana Says:

    I love the Nicole SL too, but I am a total Nicole apologist. I dread the day Jennifer is vindicated, and I still maintain Jennifer crossed the line by attacking Nicole several times, and she really could be partially responsible for the actual death of the baby by getting in incredibly stressful screaming matches with a prego lady. But regardless, bring on the dramz. I am just sad they killed the baby. I think Nicole as a mom would be pretty interesting. she can’t be the town bicycle forever.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m sad Nicole lost ANOTHER baby, but I do think it gives her some great dramatic drive. Plus Zucker has killed all of these scenes, and she’s a joy to watch when she gets to be this raw. I agree that Jennifer is responsible to a degree, but not in a “going to jail” kind of way. She’s been wretched to Nicole, and I hope that isn’t glossed over (though I’m expecting it will be) once the lie is exposed.

  4. Joanna Says:

    I love any of your references to the tragic Wanchai Ferry affair. Hahaha. But, yeah, as a nurse I am finding the whole Caroline dementia storyline very touching and realistic. Like you, I’m not sure where it’s going, but so far it’s been handled really nicely. Days kinda dropped the ball a little with Theo’s autism, but so far so good with the Alzheimer’s storyline.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The Wanchai Ferry will NEVER get old. Ever.

      I’m actually impressed that they have continued to play Theo’s autism rather than dropping it, though their version of autism mostly seems to be “loudly repeating a word another person said.”

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