The Girls Have Gone Wild

In the grand tradition of dramatic Salem returns, there had to be an hour’s worth of vague, one-sided conversation and random non-face body parts…

…before the big reveal.

“I wore this ridiculous hat just so no one would know it was me from the back!”

I remember Vivian’s hands spent an entire episode slooooowly tearing a picture of Carly and Lawrence before we finally got to see her damn face, so naturally Kristen required the same treatment. And really, who better for Stefano to call to piece his family back together than his adopted daughter/his former daughter-in-law/the one-time mother of his son/his half-brother’s ex-wife/etc.? (Yuck.)

However, Kristen was actually one of the more sane females on Thursday’s show.


Jennifer was absolutely unhinged all day long, but at least they had Brady being like, “Ummm… you’re crazy.” It’s sort of an interesting way to manifest her grief over Jack, actually. Much better than having her swan around Alice’s living room in oversized sweaters holding glamour shots of her beloved for months. Though it occurs to me that they could have basically told this story with Jack still alive. Jennifer is appalled by Daniel covering for Nicole and inserts herself, Nicole sees Jen as a threat, Jack questions Jennifer’s lingering feelings for Daniel, Jack actually takes Nicole’s side…

As soon as they moved the damn camera anywhere near the stairs, you had to know Nicole was going down. And in the grand tradition of her mother, Fay, Nicole not only took a dive, but went rolling heels-over-ass, turned a corner, and kept going in order to splay out dramatically in the middle of the Town Square. I can only hope that we get an eventual scene of Brady helping Jennifer reenact Nicole’s fall…

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12 Comments on “The Girls Have Gone Wild”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    Of course I saw her fall a mile away like everyone else who has ever watched this show but I think it would have been more interesting if Jennifer finally cracked and shoved her rather than the accident it appeared to be. But im kind of evil like that. Instead of it being partly Nicole’s fault for loosing the baby it would have been “In a fit of rage Jennifer threw Nicole down the stairs and caused her to loose the baby!!!!”

    • mykleraus Says:

      Jennifer would be hideously irredeemable then, but I could see where it’d get interesting. I like the drama they’re milking out of the current scenario, at least!

  2. Jayme Says:

    This episode was SO GOOD. I totally didn’t see this coming! ‘Welp, the baby I’m carrying is dead soooo I might as well throw myself down the stairs and pin the whole thing on Jen.’ Amazing!

    For sure Eileen Davidson negotiated that hat into her contract. No hat, no deal! I couldn’t see her hair, but i’m afraid she might be sharing Jen’s colourist. Booooo. I mean, BOO!

    • mykleraus Says:

      The thing is, it seemed like Jen really did shove her — even if just to get her off herself — so neither is completely innocent. I don’t think she for a second meant to knock Nicole down the stairs, but she sure as hell wasn’t being careful with a pregnant woman.

  3. Alana Says:

    This episode was sooooo goooood. I love that the two people who recently saw Jen losing her shiz over Nicole saw the stair incident happen. I think Jen is kiiind of responsible anyway for the actual death of Nicole’s baby. You don’t go around screaming and struggling with women who have a delicate pregnancy.

    In conclusion, I am totally with you, this SL would be even better if Jack were still around.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I like that it’s gray. Yeah, Jen has been harassing and screaming at her, but Nicole has also been stressed out this entire damn pregnancy because of EJ and her various scams. I did love how Billie was like, “Um, I think you did something bad.”

  4. I have a feeling someone will find the stolen scalpel Nicole swiped from the hospital (in her purse) and somehow put the pieces of the puzzle together.
    Because remember, in soaps, when an item or important document goes into your purse – it will be found and responsible for your downfall!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I bet that doctor who was SO eager to catch her flight will come back into town or something, and Jennifer will spend weeks chasing her around. They set up a lot of little things to undo Nicole later on.

  5. Joanna Says:

    My new favorite Days character is “Loose Cannon Jennifer”! She has snapped repeatedly in the past few weeks, and I’m finding her instability quite entertaining. I totally agree that her potential investigation of the truth behind Nicole’s baby’s death would make awesome television.

  6. Kathyj Says:

    Am interested to see Daniel’s delicate balancing act between Jen – the woman he still loves (Maggie said so and she is always right) and Nicole (a promise is a promise).

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