What Happened In Salem: Week of October 1st

While Jennifer bounced around Salem shrieking at everyone, EJ’s latest terrible scheme hit an unexpected snag:

Nick promised not to go to the police about Chad beating him up… as long as Chad keeps quiet about Gabi’s crimes. The really important part of this wasn’t that no one is going to jail, but that it neutralized EJ’s blackmail of Rafe, since as we have all learned, everything in Salem leads back to Sami’s you-know-what (that is probably the next thing Jennifer will punch). Sami and Rafe ran around town trying to find one another and shared a romantic reunion in the middle of the Town Square. Sami once again told off a furious EJ, which should last for approximately three weeks.

Check out the rest of last week’s What Happened In Salem to catch up on everything else.

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One Comment on “What Happened In Salem: Week of October 1st”

  1. Jayme Says:

    I think everyone will remember this week as the week before viewers were once again subjected to John and Marlena’s molesting of one anothers feet just in time for Kristen to return and f*ck everything up.

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