L is for Lame

Welp, Cameron finally got a new personality trait: he… only dates girls who love Sue Grafton novels?

I couldn’t even tell if that was poorly executed product placement or just terrible writing. You would’ve thought Abigail had found the one other soul on Earth who loved some obscure 18th century Romanian author, the way she was carrying on, not some other chick doing some airport reading.

(Nothing against a nice, fluffy mystery, but per usual, Days is as dopey and dated as ever. I can’t wait until Sonny gets Will some super-hip Smash Mouth tickets!)

Meanwhile, what was up with Sami and Rafe running all over town trying to find one another? Hey guys, you forgot to look in Victor’s living room! I kept yelling at Sami to stop rushing around to places Rafe might be and maybe go find her damn phone or GO TO WORK, you dumbass.

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6 Comments on “L is for Lame”

  1. Ira Says:

    Seriously! She left her phone at HOME, so why not go and get it instead of peering into every store in Salem? Also, how is this heffa running any sort of company when she’s leaving her phone at home all the time and constantly going on dates?

    • mykleraus Says:

      They keep making up cell phone-related contrivances to explain why people are missing out on information, and it isn’t working. Just like how Abigail “lost her phone” just as Melanie was leaving town, so she was just swanning about for days with no knowledge of Mel’s departure.

  2. Dan Says:

    I don’t have a horse in the race, but I’m starting to enjoy the E.J. / Sami / Rafe triangle, and, dare I say it, I think Allison Sweeney has been giving solid, consistent performances. I thought her confrontation with E.J. lacked her typical over the top flair, and, by grounding her performance, I could empathize with Sami and her dilemma. I like how the other stories are sort of driving the direction of this triangle. It’s E.J.’s meddling in the Gabi / Chad / Melanie situation that has allowed all of this drama to happen. You can pretty much imagine what will happen when Rafe learns Gabi is passing Will’s child off as Nick’s what is going to happen.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Folding the kids in has made it a lot more bearable. Honestly, I’m just worn out from this triangle, but this is probably the most palatable way they could tell the story. I genuinely enjoyed Sami stomping over to Chad’s and piecing everything together — that felt like classic Sami.

  3. Jayme Says:

    There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing Sami rushing anywhere. She’s like a little linebacker in heels. I thought she was going to roll her ankle running after Rafe.

    Oh, and did I miss something? Abby and Cameron are no more??

    • mykleraus Says:

      HAHAHAHA. A little linebacker!

      Cameron broke up with Abby after she cockteased him in that hideous bedroom. Then we didn’t see him for like three weeks, and then he was meeting some Sue Grafton fan at the Pub for a date.

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