Even Her Hair is Better!

I was all set to complain about how it seemed like the writers wanted Jennifer to come across as the voice of reason with regards to the Daniel/Nicole situation, but instead, she was coming across like a demented shrew.

But then something weird happened. She and Daniel got nasty with one another, and I wasn’t bored. When Daniel made a remark about how Jennifer liked that Jack was helpless without him, and Jennifer said that she knew she was right to choose Jack over him… that was actually interesting! And it only got better when Jennifer ran into Nicole and called her a “stupid bitch” and made a crack about her porn career. (Side note: Didn’t her father pump her full of drugs and force her to do that movie? You’d think people would be a little more sensitive to that. But still.)

I’m just going to ignore how Daniel later told Maggie that he was trying to make Jennifer hate him so she’ll butt out of Nicole’s paternity case. Because for the first time in about a decade, I’m actually interested in a story that Jennifer is in.

Oh, and what was with Caroline’s crazy old ass standing in the background watching Jennifer and Nicole fight? Why did their scene end on a close-up of her? Is she pissed that someone else is running around changing paternity tests when that’s supposed to be her thing?

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7 Comments on “Even Her Hair is Better!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    First of all, OMG! Jen and Daniel having it out! Such drama! Such action! I was literally applauding from the sheer forward motion of it all! Jen calling Nicole a “stupid bee” was the icing on the conflict-filled cake. As for poor Caroline lurking in the background, I guess we are supposed to chalk it up to her progressing dementia. Yikes.

    All that yelling and name calling reminded me of the old days when stuff like this used to happen:

    Good times.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That punch is so good.

      And Wednesday got even better with “YOU DISGUSTING BITCH!”

      • Jayme Says:

        Stupid Bitch?? Disgusting Bitch?? Finally some realistic dialogue!

        The Caroline stuff is freaking me out though. Nobody comes back from dementia so unless her behavior is related to those pills she inhaled, i’m afraid it’s the begining of the end for her.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It could be interesting/heartbreaking. Maybe Peggy McCay wants to retire, in which case I say, write her a good exit story. Better than fading into the woodwork.

  2. Joanna Says:

    I can’t begin to EVEN! I am not mad at Days right now! WilSon supercoupling it up, Jennifer back in the game, Gabi/Nick joining forces in an evil teen romance. Not mad!

  3. Alana Says:

    I agree with everything but her hair being better lol. There’s like an inch of bright gray/white roots! But I agree that it has become interesting, although I DO NOT want Daniel to really be pining away for her. Stupid. It’s becoming fun to hate Jennifer, a la Stephanie back the day (oooh did I love to hate Stephanie).

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