Have You Seen This Man?

I know what you’re thinking: Michael, I see him on NBC every single night when he hosts The Tonight Show!

(Sorry, that will probably never get old.)

But seriously, where is Cameron? Did Abigail’s hideous bedroom blind him and/or drive him into seclusion? He dumped her and ran for the hills, it seems. And I hadn’t even noticed that he’s been MIA until Jennifer mentioned him to Abigail yesterday. I thought Schuyler Yancey did some very nice work during Lexie’s death and the Days-aster, but I cannot imagine that the new writers are going to keep him around long, because Cameron is such an ill-defined dullard. The most surprising thing about him is that we haven’t heard about his firing yet, considering they’ve already filmed Christmas 2014 or whatever.

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5 Comments on “Have You Seen This Man?”

  1. Alana Says:

    I have been hearing ruuuumors that he has been re-cast (http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/news/nathan-owens-cast-as-doctor-on-days-is-he-the-new-cameron-davis/2012/10/01/).

    I didn’t have beef with this Cameron, only with some of the stupid things they made him say and do (I still contend the “I’ll go get your scarf from 5 feet away and you meet me in the elevator” Daysaster set up made.no.sense). He did seem too old for Abby (I have no idea the relative ages of the actors), but I highly doubt that was supposed to be a super-coupling.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yup, looks like it’s true.

      I just felt like Cameron’s whole entrance was so half-assed. “Hey, Lexie, here’s your random brother I never mentioned, and don’t even bother asking any questions about who his father is or anything.” And then Cameron and Abigail met and became a couple so quickly that it was ridiculous. No rooting value whatsoever. I truly don’t dislike this current actor, but if a recast inspires the writers to do something interesting, then have at it.

  2. Stevie Says:

    Hmm…well, I guess Abigail has enough going on with being in the middle of the Jennifer-Nicole drama that she doesn’t really need a romance plot necessarily. Actually, I’ve barely seen Abe or Theo or Celeste either, so maybe that whole “family” is on hiatus…

    Well, even if the Abigail-Cameron romance ultimately amounts to nothing, it was still totally worth it to set up Jennifer’s line, “You’re a virgin?! How is that possible?!” 😀

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