What Happened In Salem: Week of Sept. 24th

Yet another Salemite departed for the green grass of “downtown Europe” this week:

Bo continued to contemplate non-police paths for his life, which I think means we’re about to embark upon the thrilling storyline of Bo enrolling at DeVry to become a dental hygienist… Chad confided in EJ about his problems and asked for his help with Melanie, which EJ’s one-track mind interpreted to mean “Blackmail Rafe by threatening to turn his sister in to the police if he doesn’t stay away from Sami”… Melanie told Gabi that she won’t be pressing charges and also to go to hell… After saying goodbye to her loved ones and maybe texting or sending a Facebook message to her BFF Abigail, Melanie left Salem.

Read the rest of this week’s What Happened In Salem to catch up on everything else!

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8 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of Sept. 24th”

  1. Michael Bellizzi Says:

    To be fair, Abigail has had a lot on her plate with her Dad’s passing and recent breakup. It’s a complicated time to say goodbye to a bestie!

  2. Michael Bellizzi Says:

    I was glad Rafe & Gabi finally mentioned Arianna!

  3. Michael Bellizzi Says:

    also, Caroline has Alzheimers I’m assuming? She forgot she signed a package last week and this week she called Roman “Bo.”

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah… I get the sense that’s where this is going. Except they’re usually nowhere this subtle about it. I would expect it to be more like, “Caroline left the stove on at the Pub and after 400 close-ups of the burner still blazing, the place burned down and Ciara was killed!!!!”

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