The Man With the Solid Door

Turns out Rafe is smarter than I thought (which is still “not very”)!

It took just short of two years for the FBI agent/police officer to figure out that it might be better to have a front door with a normal peephole rather than a giant eye-level mail slot that could allow anyone in the hallway to eavesdrop on what was happening in the apartment.

Then again, based on the number of people who lived there at one point (Rafe, Sami, Will, Johnny, Allie, Sydney, Dario), there are clearly a ton of bedrooms sprawling all over the place for private conversations, so maybe privacy in the kitchen and living room weren’t a huge priority.

Now for things that actually are smart: the way the writers hooked EJ and Rafe into the Gabi/Chad/Melanie mess. Not only have they accomplished the Herculean task of finally making the younger set interesting, but they’ve given their story a surprising ripple effect. Just like the way Jennifer has (obnoxiously and shrewishly, but still) been drawn into Nicole’s paternity drama, it’s a surprising but very natural link that only opens up story for everyone involved. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually intrigued to see where they go with Gabi and Chad next.

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