Don’t Let Your Mom Give You Any Pills

“I’m going to go spend some time with Carly Manning to de-stress,” said NO ONE EVER.

Then again, she was just rescued from a kidnapping, her other stalker was recently paroled, she jumped into an engagement with a guy who’s suddenly crazier than both her kidnappers, one of her best friends admitted to being behind the kidnapping, her father is the color of a Troll doll, etc. So getting away from Salem certainly seems like a good idea, and maybe even Carly’s huffing and puffing doesn’t seem quite so stressful at the moment.

For as dull as the start of this relationship was, the devolution of Melanie and Chad has been pretty awesome. Molly Burnett has done a great job bottling everything up and then letting it blow on Chad. And — and I never thought I’d be writing this — but in light of her new friendship with Nick and her confession about hiring Andrew, I’m actually interested in Gabi. Chad’s turn into a rageaholic seems rather abrupt, but I’m willing to go along for the ride if they actually have a plan for the character besides “tall” and “nice.” I just hope “dense” isn’t one of his new traits, as hinted at in the following exchange:

Melanie: I’m going to go see my mom. On my own. Without you. With me present and you not present.
Chad: So I can come, right?!?!

Unfortunately, this is all reminding me of how much I don’t want Molly Burnett and Melanie to leave Salem, and how I wish she’d been used better in the last year and a half. But at least she’s going out on a high note.

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5 Comments on “Don’t Let Your Mom Give You Any Pills”

  1. Dan Says:

    “But at least she’s going out on a high note.”

    But not “Carly in the dumpster drinking someone’s leftover beer bottle” high.

  2. Joanna Says:

    “Tall and Nice” hahaha. Yes, Chad needs to start DiMera-ing it up a bit! There are enough nice boys in Salem right now, especially since Will has turned away from the Dark Side and is no longer EJ’s main goon.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I would just as easily take him as the “good DiMera” if he actually, uh, interacted with them. It fell so flat for the last year or two because he never had anything to do with them, so it didn’t cause any conflict whatsoever!

      • Joanna Says:

        Right, I hadn’t thought of that. There is some real potential there for him being the DiMera with a heart of gold! But, yes, you’re right, he needs to have some interactions with the rest of the clan for that to be relevant.

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