With Suitors Like This, Who Needs Enemies?


Like two days ago, you were “going to give it a shot with EJ.” Now you’re mooning over Rafe again? How about just be single for fifteen minutes?!

Then again, if my choices were the guy who had sent me to Death Row, the guy who raped me and told me my child was dead, or the guy who wanted to sleep with my sister but never actually did it? I might pick Rafe, too. That or give up forever.

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10 Comments on “With Suitors Like This, Who Needs Enemies?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Lucas is a chimpmunk faced loser, Rafe is a boring one-note character and while EJ may be predictably prone to relying on underhanded (and often ridiculous) tactics, in my opinion he is the lesser of three evils and easily the most attractive of Sami’s options. It seems blatantly obvious that he is the only one of her suitors who has never exhibited any interest in trying to change or reform her into some sort of bland Marlena clone.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I more or less agree (though I like Lucas) — but what’s mostly annoying to me is the waffling. I thought the Sami/EJ bond when they went on the run was the most plausible version of that coupling to me in over five years, and given the opportunity to explore them in a believable way, I don’t get why they’re flinging her back toward Rafe so quickly. They could have played Sami/EJ in a story for a while and eventually had her gravitate back toward Rafe or Lucas, building a real triangle, instead of this silly ping-pong game.

      • Mark Says:

        Totally agree–it seemed that they were building toward an actual connection that would have exploited the natural chemistry between Sami and EJ and perhaps have allowed them to develop a completely refresing adult relationship. Instead, they’ve decided to make her a completely unsympathetic maneater and it appears the writers are intent on sending EJ down that well trodden path of self-destructive manipulation that always ruins his relationships. Is it really that difficult to produce an original storyline idea?

  2. Stevie Says:

    Good points. You get the sense that the only real reason the writers put Rafe & Sami together is because Carrie was leaving and they figured that they had to do something else with Rafe. The whole thing seems rushed at best and forced at worst. However, Rafe doesn’t necessarily need a romance story right now; if they knew that Bo was leaving, they could have transitioned Rafe into a bigger role at the police station. Between that and dealing with Gabi’s personal/legal problems, that’s plenty of plot for any one character.

  3. Joanna Says:

    Sami with her various gentleman callers is an interesting twist. It’s usually Sami who is chasing the menfolk and now they’re beating each other up in jealous rages over her!

  4. Michele Says:

    Bleh. At this point I wish Sami would realize that none of her relationships work because she likes women! She has had so many of the same relationships on a constantly revolving loop that the only way to guess the year is through the hairstyle. Let her fall for some hot newcomer chick so these men can have lines that don’t include Sami’s name. Ah, fantasy.

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