What Happened In Salem: Week of Sept. 17th

Nicole continued her nonsensical plots, the men of Salem continued their nonsensical lusting after Sami, and…

Chad and Melanie moved their wedding up to two weeks from now, which will probably actually be two endless Salem days. Chad even gave Melanie a beautiful gift of a random piece of gauzy cloth, which she was sure to clutch in her hand while running around town frantically. Chad stomped around barking at everyone about Nick Fallon, especially when he saw Gabi being friendly with Nick at the Pub. Melanie was upset when Maggie questioned her reasons for moving up the wedding, so she tracked down Nick and had a talk with him about moving forward with their lives. Nick vowed that he has changed. Melanie left her piece of cloth behind, so Nick picked it up… just as Chad came up, saw Nick fondling the cloth, and proceeded to pummel him.

Check out the rest of this week’s What Happened In Salem!

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4 Comments on “What Happened In Salem: Week of Sept. 17th”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Your hilarious summary reminds me how fun it is to talk about Days’ story lines with a fellow fan in front of people who don’t watch. Invariably, someone thinks I am talking about people I know and that these people have the craziest lives and relationships! Granted, this practice was most enjoyable during Marlena’s satanic possession story line, but the summary above would certainly raise a few eyebrows if mistaken for someone’s actual life.

    • mykleraus Says:

      One of my favorite things on earth (I lead a sad life…) is explaining Days plot to people who don’t watch. “There was the time Sami literally received the lethal injection, but luckily someone gave her CPR and she was fine” or “Princess Gina is Hope’s evil, art-thieving alter ego who also chainsmokes a lot” and so on.

  2. Joanna Says:

    I also LOVED trying to explain the whole Roman/John Black/Chris Kositchek debacle. Wasn’t that the best/worst?!

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