These Lips Speak the Truth

“You know, most people evolve over a couple of decades… Sami’s got four kids, but I think that deep down, she’s still this lonely little girl looking for the daddy that she never had… because your father took him away.”

Can we please get a slow clap for the cosmetics-executive-turned-spy?

Thank you! It’s sort of sad how excited I get when someone makes a vaguely astute psychological observation on this show.

While we’re on the subject of hilarious lines, I loved when Kate said she’d bury Sami, and Sami responded, “Trying out Vivian’s tactics, huh?” and then a minute later, “I was worried you were gonna try to give me an apple.” Zing!

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One Comment on “These Lips Speak the Truth”

  1. Alana Says:

    I loved that too!!! It shows a self awareness that the show often completely lacks. She is so on the money on Sami. I believe I have made this as a LOL Dayz about 100 times, but DADDY ISSUES. She and Abby should start a support group.

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