Maybe She Can Photoshop Herself a Brain

So what I was supposed to take from Friday’s episode is that Nicole is completely batshit crazy, right?

I don’t even understand what this was supposed to accomplish. She and Rafe aren’t pretending to be a couple. Soooo… EJ will think she and Rafe were weirdos and took a bunch of photos back when they had a one-night stand? Don’t worry, Nicole, we all think you’re nuts already.

Yay for a mention of her past with Eric Brady and his photography career, though!

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4 Comments on “Maybe She Can Photoshop Herself a Brain”

  1. Stevie Says:

    My guess is that Nicole hopes that this will drive a wedge between Rafe & Sami, thereby increasing the chances that EJ & Sami will end up together and that being with Sami will distract EJ and make him less likely to come after he & Nicole’s baby. All I can figure. She was very deliberate about making sure that Sami saw the picture.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Dear Nicole,

    Providing boudoir snaps supposedly taken during a misguided one night stand does not make this super cray ruse more plausible! Why on Earth would Rafe agree to pose for a picture seconds before embarking on a fictional walk of shame?



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