You Like Me?

I like you, too!

But let’s take this slow. You know, like the kind of pace middle America and our advertisers can handle!

Those scenes were really cute, but I died how it was like, “Okay, we can caress fingers for five seconds now,” and then Will bolted across town to go talk to Gabi’s bouffant.

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4 Comments on “You Like Me?”

  1. Stevie Says:

    Gabi = Trouble on the Horizon. I have a feeling that she’s not going to be too far from any Will/Sonny scenes, (or Chad/Melanie scenes, for that matter). Along with frequent flashbacks to Will & Gabi’s grief/nostalgia sex.

    I still wonder how Gabi’s seemingly inevitable pregnancy is going to play out.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know. I haven’t figured out the angle yet. I can’t imagine that Will would have to hide the pregnancy from Sonny — he didn’t cheat on Sonny to conceive the baby.

      • Dan Says:

        He didn’t cheat on Sonny, but he has kept the fact he slept with Gabi a secret. On Friday, Will alluded to the incident with Sonny, but didn’t actually tell Sonny he slept with Gabi. Considering the Sonny-Will fight leading to Will-Gabi sex was over Will’s indecisive sexual preference, I think Sonny is going to be mad how Will has ping ponging between Gabi and himself. What if Will decides to sleep with a woman again? Where would that leave Sonny? If Sonny is unsure of Will’s sexual preference, he may decide to stick with Brian, who is more secure in his sexuality.

        Really, the pregnancy angle doesn’t need to be played, but I would still love them to play it. There would be so much history to play with involving Will’s own history, the Sami / Rafe relationship, Caroline’s sordid paternity scandals, etc.

        This show still surprises me. I’m glad TPTB had Sonny and Will comment on the rushed union between breeders Melanie and Chad. I’m not convinced we ever would have gotten any of this sort of interaction had Tomlin and Whitesell hadn’t returned.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Good points. I could see how Sonny might get angry over it, though it might take a bit of gymnastics.

        And yes — I love the younger crowd actually interacting and acting their age! That stuff makes a huge difference for me.

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