Everything Old is… Still Old

Only in Salem would a woman have a conversation with her college-aged son about whether she should pursue a(nother) relationship with the man who raped her, let her think their child was dead, and inflicted countless other horrors upon her and her family–

–and his response is just, “Yeah, I think that’s cool.”

Meanwhile, Sami is an even bigger idiot than I thought, because the LAST THING ON EARTH that any of us want to see is Will in another ill-fitting blazer. Great gift! Do you think Kate maybe needs more necklaces or Marlena needs another facelift?

I do have to say, though, that I love the slow build going on with Will and Sonny.

This is some classic 90s Carrie-and-Austin-before-they-were-intolerable miscommunication. Days hasn’t bothered to do this with a young couple in at least a decade. It actually lets me get invested, instead of just being told they’re in love and having them be smashed together with zero story (a la Chad/Abigail, Melanie/Chad, Abigail/Cameron). Of course, now that I’ve said this, they will probably be stuck in an endless loop of this same nonsense for three years, but it’s working well as a phase of the overall story!

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5 Comments on “Everything Old is… Still Old”

  1. Michael Bellizzi Says:

    I love that they are putting the recurring characters to good use. I thought the Adrienne/Sonny scene was touching and am glad they tied in family history/reputation with the discussion.

  2. Jayme Says:

    The ‘casual blazer’ is my mortal enemy. Between Rafe, Brady and now Will, it must be stopped. But I think it was hillarious that he was busting out of it just like Kate. They’re probably the same cup size.

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