All Sorts of Horrors

I give Nick Fallon a lot of credit.

If I were him, I would have screamed bloody murder when I turned around and saw that deranged ventriloquist’s dummy staring me down.

I did not expect them to remember that Caroline had been a suspect in Trent’s murder (the murder Nick committed), because generally 90% of town is suspected of every murder and no one really remembers later, but all of that was very well played today. I’ve also been relieved to see Caroline with relative frequency this past month, because I was seriously concerned that Peggy McCay wasn’t well enough to shoot. We’ve seen her and Billie more in the past few weeks than we had in the four months prior — so did the past writers really hate both actresses, or did they have absolutely no clue how to integrate recurring characters? Same goes for Adrienne, Justin, Roman…

Also, Abigail finally took Cameron to a bedroom instead of trying to bang him on Alice Horton’s living room sofa, but I understand why she saved this for a last-ditch attempt.

If my only options were getting walked in on mid-hump by my mother or taking a guy up to that Laura Ashley nightmare of a room, I think I’d risk getting caught, too.

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12 Comments on “All Sorts of Horrors”

  1. Jayme Says:

    She scared me too! I’m also happy/relieved to see Caroline, even if it sounds like she’s a got a case of the Roman’s.

    Jen crying on the bench was hysterical. What the hell for??? Your daughter just told you she’s a VIRGIN! REJOICE, LADY!! What’s the problem? ‘My 18 year old daughter is a virgin! She’s such a loser! Whaaaa!!!’

  2. Dan Says:

    While I didn’t care for MarDar, I understand they alone didn’t guide the ship. When promoting the reset, Corday stated that the show would focus on around eight characters. I think MarDar were told to keep John / Marlena / Bo / Hope / Austin / Carrie / Sami / E.J. / front and center. Jen / Jack were probably part of the original plan, but they didn’t know what to do with them because of the Daniel element. In the end, they pleased no one because of the mandates. Meng lured back Bryan Datillo and Lisa Rinna, but the story just wasn’t there. Personally, I think Lucas should have filled Rafe’s role in the Nicole’s pregnancy story. It would have given Lucas a strong connection to the current plot. Imagine E.J. believing Lucas might be raising his (E.J.’s) child?

    I love the revival of the supporting cast, but I worry if this is only possible because of how poorly they were used by MarDar. Clearly, McKay and Rogers are getting play because they have to use up the guarntees or lose them

  3. Alana Says:

    OMG Laura Ashley nightmare. Hilarious and true.

  4. Stevie Says:

    They should totally shoot a flashback scene of Jack & Jennifer picking out this wallpaper XD

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