Behind Closed Doors

I know Salem geography can be spotty at times — like how the Town Square is magically next door to everything, or how you can get to Paris in the span of a commercial break — but can someone please explain to me how Melanie got into that parole hearing without one of the people freaking out over her whereabouts noticing?!


Look at that first picture, and then look at where Parole Board Member #1 is emerging from in the second one. If all those people were waiting there before Melanie rushed into the hearing, how the hell did they miss her?

That said… time for Credit Where Credit is Due Even Though This Show is Insane for today: I was thrilled that they actually referenced Jessica’s mental health issues and how they might have affected Nick’s youth.

However! If you were Abigail and you’d put up with Cameron’s boring ass for this many useless filler scenes, would you really be doing this–

–when you finally have him like this?

This is the most useful or interesting he has been to me in, well, ever. Though I will admit that I was briefly pleased because I thought she was stopping him so they could go upstairs and not in the living room of the home where she lives with her mother. But that’s just me.

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10 Comments on “Behind Closed Doors”

  1. Jayme Says:

    Please tell me you have a screencap of Sami putting on her lipstick in the hospital. What a lady!

    • mykleraus Says:

      LOL! Good thing the crook didn’t get that or her CAR KEYS, as she mentioned 100 times. As if her damn apartment isn’t two feet from the Town Square anyway.

  2. Stevie Says:

    What was that Abigail-Cameron scene even supposed to illustrate anyway? That she was upset about Nicole moving in? So…she decides that she wants to have sex with her boyfriend, then abruptly changes her mind in about five seconds for no apparent reason? And Cameron doesn’t even seem to have much reaction to any of this?

    Unless this is supposed to tie in somehow with Celeste’s spooky predictions about Abigail, I really cannot see where they were going with this.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I truly have no idea. It played like “Here’s this week’s filler for Abigail and Cameron.” I guess maybe she’s grieving her father and afraid to get closer to Cam now?

      “Cameron, there is DANJA in your future… that girl will give you BLUE BALLS!”

      • Dan Says:

        Abby was pretty shaken when she overheard Kayla talking about Kayla and Steve’s divorce. I think Abby’s image of love was shaken between Kayla and Steve’s divorce and Jack’s death. Personally, I would go back further and say she was reflecting on her awful attempt to convince Austin that they had slept together.

        I’ve always liked Kate Mansi I hope she gets something more substantial soon to sink her teeth into.

        I wonder if we’ll ever see Beverly Todd again now that Theo seems to have ‘the gift.’

      • mykleraus Says:

        I like Kate Mansi a lot. It’s a shame she hasn’t had much of substance to do. She was great during the Daysaster, and I really like her scenes with her various family members. I hope they find a storyline for her.

        I think Celeste will be gone, though maybe they’ll bring her back because of Cameron. I’d be okay if they didn’t use her again unless they could get Tanya Boyd.

  3. Alana Says:

    I kind of loved Abby dressing up like the new Chloe, hopping on her bf in the living room, and freaking out. I assumed it was because her dad’s body isn’t cold yet, but whatevie. It made me wonder if those two had boned yet. I assumed they had, but then you can never assume that in Days world because they wouldn’t miss such a shirtless opportunity. And that made me realize Cameron has been standing by her with all her dramz and supporting her through the loss of her dad and defending her to his psychic mother without even yet having a piece. That is some not for this world type hero boyfriending going on there. Must be his super jaw. (Side note: when are Cameron and Nick going to have a Battle of the Jawlines?)

    • mykleraus Says:

      Cameron would win any battle involving a jaw/chin. That thing is unbelievable.

      It’s also ridiculous that this guy hasn’t even gotten laid yet. I mean, COME ON. He’s just been chastely dating her for four months or whatever?!

  4. Stevie Says:

    Oh snap! She’s a virgin! Wow, that never even occurred to me…(does that make me a horrible person?)

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