The Biggest Party in All of Salem

As much as I’ve enjoyed the drama surrounding Nick’s parole hearing… this thing is seriously getting more build-up than any Salem wedding in the past five years.

And it’s better-attended, too.

I do have to give the writers props, though, because even things that I think are strange or poorly done have turned out to have relevance, like Jennifer apologizing to Nicole for her rude reaction when Nicole brought flowers over to offer her condolences.

I truly thought that was just bad writing/acting/directing, but it turns out it was intentional and they followed up on it! I’m so confused. Usually these people just seem like rude assholes, but we’re supposed to think they are paragons of virtue.

Speaking of rude assholes–

–and I’m not talking about that guy who tried to snatch Sami’s purse in broad daylight at the Town Square.

He might be as stupid as her, though. Seriously, when did her kids go to that water park? Between 5 and 6 a.m.? She drove there in the middle of the night, crashed in a hotel, turned around, and came back? Because Rafe and Gabi are still having breakfast. Then again, Nick’s Fan Club has been crowing for hours already, so who the hell knows what time it’s supposed to be.

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6 Comments on “The Biggest Party in All of Salem”

  1. Jayme Says:

    I like the Nicole/Jen/Daniel twist to the paternity story because it’s way more interesting than EJ finding out that he’s the father. HE KNOWS HE’S THE FATHER. EVERYBODY DOES. But with Jen in the mix and Daniel still (surprise!) in love with her, it’s gonna make for some serious drama when the truth comes out that he switched the DNA samples. Wait, did he do that? Or did he just cover up for Nicole? I don’t remember. I don’t care.

    I thought the same about the timing of that waterpark ambush. She must’ve scared the living shit out of those kids! I had assumed this episode took place 2 days later, until I saw Hope’s disgusting blazer with that garbage ribbon belt and realized it was the same day. For fuck’s sake, DAYS! GO TO ZARA!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think Daniel did switch the tests. He caught Nicole mid-switch and stopped her, and then she was surprised when the results came back and said Rafe was the father.

      And yes, Hope’s blazer is hideous. I feel like they just attach weird bows and ribbons to perfectly normal items to “embellish” them.

  2. Jayme Says:

    Oh, and i LOVED the man that tried to steal Sami’s purse. He was 90lbs soaking wet. Sami could’ve had him for breakfast…after bench pressing him and having his baby.

  3. Nicole has been getting on my last nerve that past couple of episodes. I wish she’d be a little more grateful rather than disappointed with her living conditions.
    Jennifer’s home looks straight out of a home and garden magazine (in my opinion) and yet she’s sad she won’t be greeted by a butler upon arrival.
    I realize, in actuality, she’s upset that she wasn’t invited to lay around naked over candle-lit dinners in Daniel’s bachelor pad for all of eternity, but this seems like a “blessed opportunity” for the well being of her baby.
    Afterall, Jennifer won’t ever let mean ol’ Major DiMera into her home. Because EJ is a vampire and needs to be invited in…

    • mykleraus Says:

      Usually I’m kind of with Nicole no matter what, but I agree. She has a pretty great place to stay, and you’d think she would have been more immediately aware that this means she can interfere to keep Dannifer apart. I’m going to chalk it up to hormones.

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