Keep This Up and I’ll Have Nothing to Bitch About

I might have a brain tumor from the toxic gas in the tunnels beneath my house (I was trapped down there for six months — but don’t worry, I was immediately allowed to return to my job as a doctor!), because I continue to find this show utterly delightful since the writer switch.

How sweet were those scenes between Will and Abigail?

I will never understand why the previous writers’ reboot required Abigail to have no interaction with the two cousins who are her age and heavily involved in story together, but Kate Mansi and Chandler Massey work very well together, and that was such a normal, enjoyable conversation between two college-aged cousins. Also, I like to imagine that what they were saying during the breaks was stuff like, “Hey Will, remember that time you were older than me and pushed me off the swing like a demon child?” and “Hey Abby, remember when you were in college and I was still a 13-year-old scarecrow-looking kid?”

But seriously, with these two and the recently returned Nick, there’s a great next generation of Hortons set up, if they choose to put in the effort to write for them.

I’m also enjoying just about everything with Sonny — his confrontations with T, his interactions with his parents and Victor, and Brian’s continued pursuit of him.

I was going to complain that it was awfully rude of Brian to go up to Sonny and do the old tap-on-the-shoulder fakeout thing while he was clearly talking to Adrienne, but then I thought Brian was actually trying to finagle an introduction, so nevermind. Maybe. Also, that conversation between Sonny and Brian was possibly the most normal “getting to know you” talk ever on this show. “Do you have a dog?” No one in Salem asks stuff like that! It’s usually, “What has Stefano done to you?” and “Why was your last prison stint not really your fault?”

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6 Comments on “Keep This Up and I’ll Have Nothing to Bitch About”

  1. Jayme Says:

    I’m a bit behind this week but I did see a screencap of Abigail and Will talking and thought, ‘Now THAT makes sense!’ I’m going to ignore the fact that I think Jen and Abby were really only gone for a day. Am I wrong?

    I also have nothing but raves about the writing since the switch. The younger set are finally in stories that have purpose and the RIGHT veterans are getting more screen time (Maggie, Victor). Even John and marlena are more watchable now that we’re seeing them in smaller doses. Maybe that will change when kristen returns, but for now im happy seeing Marlena in her element, giving advice to every hot mess in salem. It sure beats having to watch her and John give each other foot jobs and eating each others mouths. Speaking of messes, I could’ve sworn John was wasted when he ran into Kate this week. Girlfriend needs to keep that pervy hair in check.

    Can we please play 20 questions every Salemmite should ask?? You have 1 and 2 already! Ok, 3) How many comas have you been in? And 4) Do you have any kids with Sami?

    SO FUN!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Jen and Abby were definitely only out of town for a day. They left last night and came back today. I guess Jen had to get back to her busy schedule of wandering around town looking like she has gas.

      Dying at “Do you have any kids with Sami?” I think #5 is probably “Who is your evil alter ego/alternative personality?”

  2. Dan Says:

    #6 Who was the last member of your family to return from the dead?

  3. Kathyj Says:

    I am cautiously optimistic about the new writing — hope they can maintain. I like seeing all the characters interacting — rather than just a select few. Having Victor show up at the coffee house just to get a coffee and run into Sonny, Adrienne and Brian and have Sonny say “this is the last family member that will show up today”.
    Love the real life moments.

    For some reason I like Maggie/Victor fights — not sure why — not going to analyze — could be disturbing.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s what I really enjoy, too. I can deal with less-than-amazing stories if the action constantly feels fresh and interesting. There’s a sense of movement within the episodes that at least holds my attention — we got to see SO many different pairings interact between Thursday and Friday’s episodes.

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