Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’ams

One punch? That’s all it took to knock Sonny out?

Not to perpetuate stereotypes, but come on… what a sissy!

And while we’re on the subject of quick shots — was Will bolting out of that room after he boned Gabi not the most accurate representation of a college-aged male ever on this show? He didn’t even refer to it as “making love”!

Please note that this is not the most flattering screenshot, but he was in a rush to get his big, baggy boxer shorts on over the other underwear he was clearly wearing and get out the damn door. Meanwhile, Gabi sat there cradling a picture of her and Chad and willing her ovaries to kick into overdrive. (Someone please appreciate how many times I rewrote that line to make it less graphic/disgusting.)

And perhaps the most shocking quick flash of the day:

BILLIE LIVES! Lisa Rinna is leaving the show, which comes as a surprise to absolutely no one since it’s abundantly clear the writers never had any idea besides “Billie returns with the face of someone who can get us publicity!” I’m a little disappointed because there was tons of potential (like pairing her with Jack, playing her as part of the ISA, having her and Kate actually team up for something, finally giving Daniel that hat trick I’m obsessed with) and also because they never even let Rinna incorporate some Depends product placement into the show. Can you imagine? “Mom, I know you’re getting up there in years, but I got this great tip from Alice Horton in a letter she wrote on her deathbed… You can run around poisoning all sorts of people and never have to stop for a potty break!”

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10 Comments on “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’ams”

  1. Alana Says:

    I thought it was pretty ridic that Tad knocked Sonny out, especially considering Sonny has a few pounds on Tad methinks. But totally agree re: ovaries and Will’s bolting, and I love that I’m not the only adult who uses the term “boning” lol.

    It was fun having a Days actress in the pages of my UsWeekly every week, but it would have been a lot more fun if she was ever given a story line. Someone out there in the internet commented that it seems like the casting department and the writers aren’t talking to each other, and I don’t know how that works in Soapdom, but it seems true.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t think the departing/departed writers ever really thought behind “Hey, here’s an idea!” So they decided to bring Billie in, got her signed up, wrote the beginning of some stories for her (the ISA stuff versus EJ, working at Countess W with Kate, flirting with Daniel) and then moved on to a bunch of other random ideas.

  2. Stevie Says:

    Come to think of it, Ian went down pretty quickly in his fistfight with EJ too (then again, EJ is younger and more muscular than Ian, so he would’ve had the advantage.) Like Alana mentioned, one would think that Sonny would have the advantage against Tad…But the Ian-Stefano-EJ scene was very anti-climactic. Somehow, I doubt that the show is going to be able to fit a fight choreographer into the budget though.

    New Theory: Will gets Gabi pregnant, but Will & Sonny reconcile and get together in the mean time and adopt the baby.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I just wonder if Gabi would try to pass the baby off as Chad’s or something first…

      That EJ/Stefano/Ian stuff was sooooo anticlimactic. It reeked of “Oh crap, we have to undo this terrible story ASAP.”

  3. Dan Says:

    While I’m not advocating hate crimes, I did expect something a little more violent between Sonny and Tad. Knowing what was coming, I thought it was very poignant to have Justin help Sonny look for a crying Will earlier in the week only to find his own son attacked later in the week. It was a bit of a letdown that it wasn’t more serious. I was sort of hoping someone (maybe Lucas) would use this attack as a reason why they didn’t want Will out. With that said, I was willing to buy Justin’s silence because it wasn’t that serious.

    In turns of the returns, I’m beginning to think the EPs are making a lot of the casting decisions and expecting the head writers to figure out the mechanics of it all. MarDar didn’t seem to have much story in place for Jack, Austin, Carrie, Kayla, Lucas, or Billie. Only John and Marlena came in with a clear story direction, which was quickly dropped. The Carrie / Rafe angle sort of made sense but the execution was so bizarre. I’m not the type to declare characters are acting out of character, but that was not the Carrie Brady I grew up with throwing her cat at Rafe Hernandez. I’m thinking de Cazotte and Meng fired Clarke, Brown, Ashford, and Muldoon. McPherson claims she wrote the DAYSaster. Would MarDar set that up without killing anyone off? It would also explain why there was confusion over Christie Clarke’s potential to return. If Meng and de Cazotte fired her, Tomsell may have wanted to keep her to balance the female to male ratio. Also, it would explain why there was a month and a half gap between the bulk of the firings and Buchanan’s. Tomsell may have dumped McAllister because he didn’t fit into the long term vision without Madison.

    Regarding Gabi, I thought she had to get pregnant because the story would have no momentum without it. Gabi / Will’s hook up would allow Sonny to question Will’s sexuality and wouldn’t have worked the same way if this happened a year ago. That said, I think Will knocking Gabi up while she led someone else to believe he was the father would make for the more dramatic story. I’m sure I could buy a drunken hook up between Chad and Gabi, but I’m sort of hoping for Gabi / Nick. I can just imagine far would Susan Seaforth Hayes’ eyes bug out when the sh*t hit the fan? Plus, we need a new generation of young brooding Horton males fighting with one another.

    • mykleraus Says:

      “While I’m not advocating hate crimes”… LOL! Totally get your point, though. He got punched in the face once. That isn’t exactly a terrible beating. Salem really IS a tolerant place, if a single punch to the face is the extent of the gay-bashing.

      I think you’re right about some of the casting crap. It all seems so scattered and chaotic. I guess Chloe will fill the Carrie role in terms of evening the male-to-female ratio in that age range, though (if she’s even going to be around for more than a visit).

      Gabi/Nick… hmm. I’m sort of intrigued at the idea of folding him into this whole mess, although I also wish they’d cut their losses with Gabi and create a more compelling female for the younger set. It should be Melanie, but I doubt Molly Burnett will ever be back.

  4. Jayme Says:

    A Gabi/Nick hook-up would make sense since I’m pretty sure they brought back his character to replace Andrew…who was pretty much Nick….but with better hair.

    Can we talk about the fashion? Sonny. My god. A loose shirt over all black? It’s like hide-a-pregnancy styling 101. If I see him carrying a giant paper bag with some leafy greens hanging out the top, I’m out.

    And then there’s Jen. Poor Jen, mourning the loss of her one, true love…in a chainbelt. Seriously?? Is this what Jack would’ve wanted?? I swear this is the only show left on television that still uses them as an accessory. It’s like Mariah Carey’s tour bus tipped over one night and the wardrobe department was all, ‘JACKPOT!’

    • mykleraus Says:

      You are KILLING me today!

      I bet Jack would just be relieved she wasn’t wearing a damn choker. Remember how she wore them every damn day for years?!

      Also, totally agree about Sonny’s wardrobe. He’s obviously gained weight, but they’re making it worse. First his clothes were too small, and now they’re like Kirstie Alley’s outfits. He is not morbidly obese, everyone!

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