You’re All Inappropriate

“What’s that, Jennifer? Your husband is dead? Oh my. That sucks. Welp, gotta run! BTW, apropos of nothing, did you know I have an attractive manwhore of a son?”

Seriously, what was that? Daniel literally has not mentioned Jennifer in six months, but the minute Maggie finds out she’s a widow, all she cares about is forcing Daniel to go after her? Shut your big red bouffant, lady, before I stuff you back in that sarcophagus.

Meanwhile, Sonny kissed Will, who was none too pleased by this out-of-the-blue move.

It makes sense to me, given Will’s confrontation with T (good thing the actor didn’t have to learn any new lines during his year off!), that he would be weird about kissing a guy… plus Sonny is his good friend… plus he’s a complete trainwreck of a human being. I sort of liked how Sonny got to call Will out on a bunch of holes left by the outgoing writers (how he apparently was going to The Spot offscreen, how he hasn’t made any move to get involved with anyone, etc.), and I also liked how they actually took Sonny so far as to be obnoxious with his “out and proud” stance, despite Will clearly not being ready for that yet.

But that also totally felt like a reset on the story, didn’t it? Like this is exactly the story we would’ve gotten last fall had the reboot not happened. Since Will came out in the intervening year, they had to push him back into discomfort with the idea (I don’t for a split-second believe that they’re “ungaying” him), and now they’re going to proceed as previously planned. Which… is fine, but there was zero subtlety about it. Same with how Ian whipped out that coin, solved a mystery that was forgotten five months ago, and pronounced that EJ is actually a biological DiMera, and how Sami and Rafe wound up at odds in a safehouse just like when they first met. I make a lot of allowances for new writers to clean up the messes they’re left with, but there’s “cleaning up” and then there’s “having the actors break the fourth wall and declare that the past year was crap and you should forget all about it.”

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3 Comments on “You’re All Inappropriate”

  1. Dan Says:

    Watching the Daniel / Maggie scene today, I knew the audience was going to lose it because it looked like Maggie was pushing Daniel to be with Jennifer. As Daniel / Maggie’s conversation progressed, it was clear Maggie was unaware Daniel still had romantic feelings for Jennifer and initially suggested it because Daniel and Jennifer had been close once. Once she realized Daniel still cared for Jennifer, Maggie implied his feelings didn’t mean he couldn’t still give Jennifer his condolences. Given the conclusion Nicole drew, I can understand the audience’s anger at Maggie, but I felt Maggie was only suggesting Daniel offer his emotional support, not his penis.

    I don’t feel like it’s a step backwards, but rather moving forward with what they had left. Rafe tracking down Sami because she and E.J. are on the run makes sense. If in the process, they lay the groundwork for a reconcilliation between the two, I think that’s a good thing. There was no direction to the Stefano murder mystery so resolving the issues and moving forward seems to be the best idea. I feel like there is now direction where there wasn’t direction before.

    Will’s story, like most of the stories on the canvas, seemed stalled. He came out with limited drama, which is the entire point of soap opera. They played it safe with the E.J. / Will relationship. I wish Sonny had called Will on his obessions with E.J. during his rant. I wish he would have told Will to stop pining over E.J. because E.J. is straight and Will would never have him. The stuff with Tad was an new beat and placing it at after the disaster allowed Sonny to act on his feelings because he was afraid of losing someone he has come to care a lot about. I didn’t like that

    In my opinion, MarDar never knew how to lay the groundwork for future stories so everyone seem to meander around until the next plot point arrived. If this was MarDar, the whole Tad scene and the Will / Sonny kiss would have happened offscreen during a commercial break and only mentioned in passing during an inneudo filled conversation between Sami, E.J., and Will about whether Will or Sami had the best plan to get E.J. off.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I pretty much agree with everything you said. (LOL at your last line, too!) The lack of subtlety about it was just jarring to me. Tuesday’s episode felt like a “reboot” episode. As long as they build to actual stories, though, I’m fine.

      I still think Maggie came off horribly in those scenes. The way she went running out to cluck to Daniel about Jack was ridiculous. How about, instead of trying to coerce someone Jennifer dated for six months into comforting her, you sit your ass down and talk to her and cry with her?

  2. Dan Says:

    In defense of Maggie’s departure, she seemed to be trying to process Jack’s death; she did break down a little outside Jen’s. She didn’t want to breakdown in front of Jen and upset Jen more. Then again, I’m probably reading too much in this.

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