Actress Returns

…and she’s even playing the character she’s known for playing and not, like, a new white-trash Horton cousin!

Nadia Bjorlin revealed in an interview with TV Guide that she will be reprising the role of Chloe Lane Black Horton Jonas, which she played from 1999-2005 and from 2007 until September of last year, when she was dumped as part of the much-touted “reboot.”

For some reason, I love Chloe and I love Nadia Bjorlin, so I’m thrilled about this. I don’t think she’s the strongest actress ever to pass through Salem, but she’s a familiar face and she has a certain screen presence and charisma that go a long way in this medium. There’s still a lot of story to be told with Chloe, but after that horrible “Oops, I became a prostitute” story, she needed a rest. I’m excited to see what they do with her and who they pair her with (Brady? Eric? EJ? Nick?!).

Also, someone from Days told TV Guide that “Chloe’s return will be heavily centered around her son, Parker,” which has the internet freaking out that they are going to make Parker be Daniel’s son, which… CALM DOWN, INTERNET.

Bjorlin also tweeted the following tonight, which is kind of confusing:

So is she just popping in the way Shane did earlier this year? Is this going to be some strange Kayla- or Billie-type return where she’s lurking around Salem but we hardly ever see her? Are they randomly going to decide that Parker is Daniel’s and he’ll swipe the baby from her and kick her out of town? I’m confused, which is about par for the course with this show.

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4 Comments on “Actress Returns”

  1. Erin L. Says:

    When it comes to this show I wouldn’t be suprised if Parker can now drive and is Will’s new love intrest…

  2. I think she’s returning to reveal Parker is in fact Daniel’s son. Not Phillip’s. So basically she’s coming back to usher Shawn Christian (Daniel) out of Salem. With Melanie gone and sour fan reactions to any pairings he has had in the past year (Jen, Billie, Nicole) I think he has little story left to tell.

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